Zhaga interface specification will help reduce

by:Getian     2020-07-18

LED light source technology is extremely fast, the existing technical content of suppliersled power supply schematic the higher six months after the light source will be reduced to the ordinary level, which promote production to a continuous need to upgrade the lighting

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LED Power Supply

in LED light source. If the light source has a stable interface, upgrade to replace the light source is limited to only, without having to redesign products to reduce R & D expenses. In addition, standardized light source to achieve mass production, help reduce costs.

Zhaga the introduction of interface specifications that will make the R & D can replace the LED light source as possible.

Zhaga interface specification can reduce the risk of the parties in the LED supply chain. Module producers, because they no longer need to re-design the user of the lamp module work easier; for lighting manufacturers, they can buy from many manufacturers meet the Zhaga interface specification module, to avoid being manipulated by others; end users, they embrace can make it easier to buy a new light and can be independent replacement.

LED light source products with Zhaga trademark has passed independent laboratory validation, in line with Zhaga the interface specification, also said its worldwide interchangeability.

Zhaga Union as a global organization, was established in February 2010. Has attracted from the United States, Asia and Europe more than 180 lamps, light, LED module manufacturers and industry related businesses to join, some lighting industry related services. Zhaga Union is committed to strengthening the compatibility of the LED module and its control in the mechanical, optical measurements, heat and electricity. With the continued rapid development of LED technology, Zhaga Union to develop the specifications to enhance the interchangeability of different brands of LED products.

'Love's Brother' homemade LED spread love

In order to give his a love, the elderly, the vulnerable groups to enjoy the convenience and benefits of the ride, Yinchuan's brother Yang Peilin LED display installed in the taxi, subtitles scrolling elderly pregnant women priority car, aged 65 and over free travel love of the car 'slogan. This car 'Love Taxi' on the road a week, by many people welcome Yang Peilin am very pleased.

In the afternoon of May 15, the reporter saw Yang Peilin driving Ning A T4804 'Love Taxi', erected in an area of about 12 cm high, 40 cm wide LED display on the console in front of the pilot seat, screen scrolling red subtitles. Yang Peilin, told this reporter, the installation of the LED display, the beginning of the displayed subtitles only ride content of the preferential treatment, but in order to better take advantage of this display, he joined the 'Care for life, not to drink and drive,' 'Welcome to Yinchuan ! beautiful Bongseong welcome you! 'content. Yang Peilin said, the subtitles on the screen using the remote control.

Speaking of 'Love Taxi, Yang Peilin is extremely excited about, he told reporters that his' preferential policies 'issued a week, a lot of car for the elderly do not believe in free play, but when his elderly to their destinations penny do not, old people believe this. Just a week to enjoy the concessionary travel passengers to give me a lot of praise, a firm confidence in me to continue to do so. 'Yang Peilin frankly, he did just want to make their own meager power to allow more people to enjoy the multiplication the vehicle offers, and hope that through this love, can bring more taxi drivers to join the ranks of the 'Love taxi'.

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