You will really find the grille LED lights useful

by:Getian     2020-08-01

Grille LED lights are not very different from lights which can be mounted close to the dash or in the rear deck. These too have about half or 1 dozen, super bright LEDs of Generation III that can provide strong directional lighting. Similarly, you can choose between mono-coloured and dual coloured equipment. You can go for lighting colour pairs like red and blue, blue and amber, green and red, etc. which enhance the visibility of the light and also help in improving the attention grabbing effectiveness.

The grille LED lights are sub compact, without compromising on the features. The light heads can provide you bright lighting. You can also choose between steady solid lighting and flash patterns. The housing of these lights too can be customised as per your preferences. You can request for white or black ABS housing. Aluminium platform that has been anodized is also used in some cases. Optional chrome flanges can also be requested for. Owing to the smaller size of these light heads, there is focus on wide angle vision which is achieved through non-fluted lenses, usually made of clear polycarbonate. Split colour modules of 4 LEDs each, are sometimes put together to configure the light head, giving you greater control over the flash patterns. No external flasher is required though as built in solid state electronics will provide good operational flexibility.

Apart from super wide optics and selectable flash patterns, an important feature seen in grille LED lights is multi deck synchronization of the lighting. It is also possible to connect multiple, compact dash, deck and grill lights and synchronize their phase. The cumulative effect could be much stronger and far more useful for penetrative warning signals during tough conditions. For that purpose, dual colour LED stacks are also used in some cases.

The grille LED lights can provide high intensity steady lighting without any flickering at all. Rated for an operational life in excess of 50,000 hours, these lights don't produce any RF interference or UV radiation either. Excellent thermal management through a good design keeps the lights cool even when they have been used for prolonged periods of time. There are highly compact, 4 diode, surface mount lights as well, when you want something really small and portable. The low profile design of these smaller light heads gives you freedom in terms of where you want to mount it, without worrying about reliability or resilience.

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