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by:Getian     2020-07-27

But is this really true? Our LED lighting technology has reached overnight to replace all light levels yet? Let's take a closer look at the industry level and national level in the end the world is what the situation?

First, the European

Market: the European awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation is more mature, with higher acceptance of environmentally friendly products, combined with the European Union first proposed the elimination of the incandescent lamp has started the implementation of laws, governments in energy-saving lamps and LED lights are launching applications the subsidy program (the product price subsidies amounted to 30% ~ 55%) of global areas, the European market, LED(led strip lights) lighting applications in the popularization and promotion rate is high, some of the major countries in Europe's supermarkets have begun to the sale of large quantities of 10W LED bulbs and spotlights the following categories of products, the European lighting giant Philips and Osram lighting has been the Frankfurt show in 2010, appeared on a massive scale of their application products, and started the construction and promotion of market channels.

Technology: As the European Union countries in the development of uniform standards, often due to national interests and different starting point, resulting in many systems and regulate the introduction of a more sluggish in Europe related to market access and technological threshold is relatively loose, CE in for Solid State Lighting (SSL) area The draft technical amendments to most of the light of conventional light sources are still a number of technical requirements, not a big change.

Enterprise: As traditional European lighting giant Philips and Osram has invested heavily in the year 2000 that began the basic technology of LED lighting, which OSRAM white LED with a fluorescent material has been a leading edge, but Osram recent years has been a big seller in the market, packaged in white light beads of Indonesia, the field of lighting products in the promotion of general types of small and mainly concentrated in the interior bulb and lamp module class promotion; and Philips Pu is to bring the great advantage of its capital, in LED applications lumileds first acquisition of U.S. companies and other companies with the technological advantages of the program, the core technology and related patents obtained in the Chinese mainland market after finding high quality mining and foundry company to help him do OEM production, and an extremely rigorous standards and a large order for the bait to maximize the profits of the compression foundry.

Alternative Analysis: Philips and Osram LED lighting in 2012, the promotion will be to focus on European and American markets, which two wolves will be used in mainland China after 2012, the foundry companies seek to enter the Asian market, the use of China's accumulated in the application of technology experience for them to earn huge profits.

Second, the Americas

Market: As the financial crisis, Americans are beginning to pick up the calculator care about their expenses, LED(flexible led strips) lighting products for the price is higher than traditional lighting of the reality, the United States has always been very generous and see some hesitation, so being in the major markets and supermarkets also see LED lighting applications and large-scale promotion of shelves, and occasionally can be seen only sporadic some low voltage torch and night light type of product. Technology: Americans are very strict in terms of market access, in addition to other than the Energy Star standards, UL standards for solid-state light sources are developed and gradually introduced the draft, and also associated with other access standards are also being developed and consultation, although LED application products, chips made by companies in Europe and America Huyou fast, and immediately fell into a great momentum in the consumer market around the world, but because of the high cost of UL certification and cumbersome, LED solid-state lighting market in North America estimates the true start in 2012.

Enterprise: the United States CREE, lumileds, bridgELux led a group of companies such as LED chip manufacturers grasp the core technology of LED chips in the world non-stop LED technology has been fully replace the traditional lighting of the world factory - China, up start the application product development and production of it, we need your U.S. products, they hand over up to 70% of the middle and lower profit margins applied traction large number of enterprises purchasing their products, on the other lead organizations or associations Union to work out with their own products are lower than the technical standards, the Chinese mainland enterprises as their testing ground for immature technology.

Alternative Analysis: Americans in the field of LED technology is second-rate, but the means to promote American business is absolutely world class companies from CREE Shuji Nakamura, from Japan to dig the United States will be able to see the Americans as an E Hu , the LED(flexible led strips) industry in the future, he will spare no effort to make use of their hegemony and market leadership firmly under control of high-end chain link of the so-called 500 billion dollars for the capture market, most of the cake.

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