With applications for LED lighting strips varying

by:Getian     2020-07-27

Careful attention to the issue of thermal management is a prerequisite to the successful integration of LED lighting strip technology and emphasis is placed on ensuring the PCB both operates within the required temperature to ensure minimum LED degradation and power consumption as well as providing the required optical performance. Sometimes the efficiency of the PCB in respective of thermal performance can require a manufacturer to work with the customer as heat can be transferred into the structure of the equipment using the metal structure around the LED light source to be a highly effective heat sink. In all cases, a custom engineered solution is the best route to a successful product utilising LED lighting technology.

With the ability to 'daisy chain' the product, increased flexibility can be integrated into the individual LED lighting strip from the outset. This can allow a one solution PCB to be used across a range of end products and allow flexibility that could never be achieved with fluorescent and neon type tubes.

Working on customer feedback in terms of uniformity of light distribution and viewing characteristics, development work is now being completed on a new range of Chip on Board LED lighting strips with on board regulators. With the option of all four LED colours and being supplied as a waterproof package, the selection of this type of technology will offer customers high performance LED lighting effects in a easy to use package - perfect for the automotive and retail market.

Should customers wish to produce LED lighting effects that go beyond what has been created previously with fluorescent tubes then LED strips can be supplied in RGB configuration to produce enhanced lighting effects. These can be combined with custom lens should the lighting effect be required to focus on a particular area or feature.

It has also been shown that to successfully incorporate LED strips the design may need to incorporate the supply of the correct power supply module and in some cases a plastic tube for the strips in order to house the LED light source in architectural or retail type environments.

Time after time customers in the automotive or retail sector that are seeing the benefits of a move from a traditional type of light source product to LED light strips are also seeing they need to choose the right supplier and integrator who can optimise the product to ensure they get the benefits built in that are key for their applications. LED lighting strips offer cost saving through power management and reduced servicing due to the inherent long life characteristics of correctly configured LEDs. In other lighting applications the focus is on leading edge performance through wave length and intensity optimisation particularly in the retailing environment.

Some leading LED manufacturers and integrators can demonstrate a track record where custom engineering solutions integrating LED lighting have produced leading edge products for customers. We are all aware of the increased influence of LED lighting as the solution. By working with a company who truly understands the technology and who can understand the key parameters of markets the future world of LEDs can not only be more efficient and practical but also more exciting.

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