Why is alarm keypad needed for home security alarm

by:Getian     2020-07-29

Keypad is the device that allows you to arm and disarm the system, and give you feedback as to the status of the system. Usually you would put a keypad on exit/entry point such as in front of the door or back of the door. And put another one in the master bedroom.

The alarm keypad supports multiple users of family members, office staff with different password set for operation. And it is with functions of at home arm/disarm, away home arm/disarm, and emergency button for medical help or panic calling. Just press the button it is done.

Features of alarm keypad:

Generally, the alarm keypad will have power indicator and Emitting/lock indicator. It will self-test the power and alert when power low. It will self-lock when wrong password input for times set. It is with tamper-resistant to avoid moving or destroying. When it is moved or destroyed, scene alarm and wireless alarm signal will be sent for warning. LED backlight is provided for night check or setting.

Install wireless alarm keypad:

Wireless alarm keypad is easy to install without necessary wiring. Generally, it is installed on wall with bracket and clasps. You will insert the 3.6V lithium battery into the battery box and cover it. Then operate it as guide of alarm panel to register the alarm keypad. Enter the register code of remote controllers and trigger the keypad. The keypad will eradiate wireless code signal to learn into the alarm host. Then Register users by pressing button of 1~5 for 5 users. And modify the password. The password can be reset according to the instruction when it is forgotten.

After installation of wireless alarm keypad, the programming of home alarm systems, arm & disarm will be more convenient and easy.

How to install wireless passive infrared sensor? How to DIY home security?

Well, PIR detector is named as motion sensor as well and it is essential for home security systems. Generally, it has ceiling mounted and wall mounted types. Here we will introduce the type of wall mounted.

Firstly, there are some notes of installation. It is very important to install PIR detector at correct place and at correct way. Only if it is installed correctly, it will cause correct effect. Other wise, false alarm and missed alarm will occur. Then the security of home, office, business, property, families etc. can't be guaranteed.

1. The installation height should be 2 meter or so and the angle against the wall.

2. Stand off the straight light source.

3. Stand off the warm or cold source such as air conditioning outlet, electric radiators, air cooling machines etc. And please have it installed stand off from the windows.

4. There is no barrier within the defended area of a detector.

5. Infrared detector is suggested to be installed in lower temperature area and suggested to be set in low sensitivity position.

6. The infrared detector is requested to be keep stable on the wall without swaying.

The next step is to install the infrared detector at the correct place chosen according to above mentioned guidance. Usually, it can be set up in upstairs, downstairs, hallways, inside rooms, in the basement stairwell or in the living room etc.

1. Open the cover of the sensor, select the sensitivity position by switch according the products instruction. Select mode of test, working, or saving power by using jumper to connect corresponding part.

2. Insert 4 pcs No. 7 batteries in the battery case, and put the On/Off switch to 'On' position.

3. Press universal ball into universal bearer. To void damaged, please energize on average.

4. Fix universal bracket with nail on 2m over horizontal.

5. Fix infrared detector in universal bracket.

6. Top vies, adjust detector area right and left.

7. Side view, adjust up and down.


Alarm indicator: When alarm occurs, alarm indicator will keep flashing.

Power lower indicator: When power is lower, lower power indicator will be on.

Simulating Demo:

After powering on for 100 seconds, human body motions in 0.75m/S by 8-10m in distance. Its alarm indicator is on and it activates alarm host to alarm. That means installation is correct and success.


1. To avoid sensitivity reduction, please don't touch the infrared sensor surface. with hand. And have to keep the surface clear. Use cotton ball dipped in 75% alcohol to clean the surface when it is dirty.

2. Please test infrared detector periodically.

3. The infrared detector can prevent theft conduct and be used as home, office, business security products.

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