When we think Light Emitting Diodes (LED) we think

by:Getian     2020-07-27

These are the very same sources and will one day even light our home and everyday spaces. Why you ask? Because they're highly efficient, environmentally friendly and long lasting sources of light.

How do LED lights work?

The structure of an LED lights is completely different than the light bulb. Amazingly, LED lights are simple and strong in structure. The beauty of their structure is that in their ability to be versatile, allowing for assembly into many different shapes. The semi conductor, light-emitting materials is what determines the color of the LED.

Indicated by its name LED is simply a diode that emits light. A diode is a device that allows current to flow through easily in only one direction. There are only two conductive materials that will form a diode, especially when they're placed in contact with each other. When electricity is passed through the diode from one material through the semiconductor chip, it excites the diode to high energy levels. The atoms in the first material build up energy to the point that they have to be released. This energy is then transformed into electrons that transfer into other materials within the chip. During the energy release light is created. The color of the light from the LED is function for the ingredients and processes that make up the chip.

What are the Advantages of LED lights?

LED lights have a variety of advantages as compared to other light sources:

Why are LED Lights So Popular?

Over the past decade, LED technology has become one of the most popular sources of light because of their advance lighting technology. In the past the lack of colors, combined with low intensity proved that LEDs are useful indicators of light. When technology and manufacturing methods improved, LED quickly found its way to homes and various special applications such as car headlights. These days, LEDs are considered as the preferred lighting source when it comes to headlights. Apart from the advantages mentioned earlier, LED lights allow drivers a more visual perspective of the road, causing lesser accidents.

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