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by:Getian     2020-08-06

Nowadays, first impressions have never been as important, whether it's for that crucial job interview or seeking a new relationship in the dog eat dog dating world, the standards we have all come to expect have risen drastically. Luckily when it comes to teeth whitening White Smile Parnell could provide treatments which are both affordable and convenient.

Media Concerns have recently arisen about individuals carrying out home teeth whitening treatments. Recently there have been media concerns that have arisen regarding people who carry out home teeth whitening treatments. Ranging from using costly and ineffective 'Whitening Toothpastes' to using overnight trays exposing the teeth to peroxide based gels for hours at a time which could lead to damage to gums, cheeks and lips.

Is it actually worth the fiddling around with messy trays and getting terrible night's sleep with quite frankly disappointing outcome? Neither good for your teeth or gums and with several people not finishing their treatment they aren't the perfect teeth whitening solution.

So with the times moving on so fast a radical new tooth whitening technology has emerged. This technology uses a combination of Halogen and LED power whitening systems commonly known as 'laser whitening' to whiten and brighten your teeth. This amazing system filters out all harmful UV and IR light, making it the safest Laser Teeth Whitening process presently on the market.

A bright, white smile could be yours in just thirty six minutes. No Mess, no fuss and with immediate brilliant results. With the most sophisticated and safest technology White Smile Parnell could provide a cost effective solution to your white smile needs.

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