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It is believed that the role of fog lights is having its own importance among all light forms. Lighting makes our path visibility very clear during hazy weather. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to drive as fog covers the whole area and looking through it becomes extremely difficult that results in accidents. That is why all cars are equipped with distinctive fog lamps at the front and back to provide complete protection. They are available in a variety of intensities and colors, but almost all vehicles possess them, and their support is decisive in navigating poor weather conditions.

Lighting Color Standard:

Fog lights are yellow in color as per automotive lighting color standards. It required to be a single color light than white light as it minimizes dispersion, but when the light ray hits the water vapors present in the surroundings and scatter this light ray in multiple directions. Most of the people find red to be the most suitable color in foggy conditions. It already has a connotation to drivers as they are used for both brake and tail lights. Yellow seemed to be the most-suitable alternative as it ranks next to in the list of longest wavelength of visible light.

Types of Fog Light:

These lights are available based on several latest technologies like halogen, Xenon, LED and many more. The reason why these light forms are preferred over older ones is that lights based on most recent technologies do not produce heat. Moreover, the light intensity is quite high than the old models. These lights have long life, are free from shock effects, vibrations and UV Rays. Bad weather conditions like sunlight and rain do not affect them as these are manufactured by poly carbonate material which is quite strong and durable.

One should prefer changing their old fog lights as they are an indispensable part of a car, which contributes in the safety.

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