There are many ways to cover a spa. The people

by:Getian     2020-08-03

Spa covers now have revolutionized their way to excellence. Most covers have passed the generations of excellent engineering and are now made from high grade materials which ensure ease of use and durability that even the harshest weather conditions are no match for their strength.

How to choose a super hot tub cover

Hot tub covers do not merely cover the hot tub. They also give confidence that you can save money on utility bills. The extra cash from saving energy helps pay your other bills. This positive design has led the spa commerce to further the quality of all hot tub cover makes and models.

Do you know how to check for a good hot tub cover? It is not only about the looks. It is more about the quality inside and out. A hot tub especially the outdoor type is open to all of ruinous nature's elements and so with its accessories particularly the hot tub covers. So, it's imperative that you choose to have a cover that is made to endure all that nature offers.

Whether you want a new hot tub, or already possess one, it's significant to know how well its accessories are like the cover and how they are made of.

Contrary to what most people think, hot tub covers are not the same. The function is the same - they cover. However, not all hot tub covers are made of good quality craftsmanship. Some are just made to cover the hot tub - no other extra function. Some are made from simple kind of vinyl, some straps, and some kind of foam sealed inside reinforce with some kind of plastic.

So what's the distinction, and how important is a spa cover?

Unlike any other accessories, hot tub covers are hand sewn - particularly the vinyl part. This is important to the over-all function of the cover. Its life depends on how meticulous craftsmanship is performed on every cover made.

Let's take a look at some essential components of hot tub covers:

Spa covers foam core

Considered as the heart of the spa cover, the foam core gives strong point, firmness and padding or insulation. Its existence is absolutely connected to how it is sealed and its strength. A good seal is significant to an efficient moisture lock seal around the foam core.

The presence of a taper to the hot tub cover permits efficiency especially in wet climates. Usually a 2.5' to 3.5' taper applied at the corners and a 2.0 lb density gives a physically powerful cover especially for large covers.

Vinyl spa cover

Usually, the weather and outside elements like ice, dirt, sun, rain, etc. have an effect on the top vinyl. A good spa cover should be made with at least 25 ounce hard-wearing treated marine grade vinyl. In addition, the vinyl should exceed UV test and can resist moisture, sanitizers and chemicals like chlorine.

A super safety cover

There is no assurance that safety can be employed at all times. However, to appease your mind, you have to apply measures to uphold safety of your household no matter the cost. It is not only about the qualities inside and out of the cover that matters. You also have to ensure your cover is marked as a safety cover.

Check the label that states the cover passed the ASTM Safety Cover Standard F1346-91. In addition, a cover should have a safety lock and adjustable straps to allow perfectly fitting cover. This is useful when the spa is idle or not in use.

The top vinyl is the most expose part, so you have to ensure it is always at its best. You have to perform regular maintenance to uphold the cover's striking form and long term utmost usability.

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