The Toshiba 55TL515U is a 55-inch natural 3D 1080p

by:Getian     2020-07-20

This HDTV features an exclusive ClearFrame 240 Hz anti-blur technology that eliminates blurring of fast-paced video and sports. Also, with local dimming, blacks and contrast ratios are significantly improved for a measurably enhanced picture quality. Driven by LED backlight technology, this television displays images with the use of liquid crystal illumination just like traditional LCD models. The difference, however, is that unlike LCD TVs, the LED backlight is made of several light emitting diodes, which results in a picture that offers deeper blacks, brighter whites, and more vivid colors.

And because the Toshiba 55TL515U has a 1080p resolution, this HDTV delivers more than just high definition. Its output actually represents the finest HD picture quality available today where skin tones, textures, and landscapes suddenly seem like real life. Shadows are deeper and richer, colors pop, and highlights simply come alive with amazing character. The secret behind this is more pixels. Using a 1920 x 1080 resolution screen, this television displays over two million pixels.

Other features of this high definition TV is the CineSpeed LED panel, which delivers superior high speed video and has a wide viewing angle that ensures a better viewing experience from a variety of seating areas; the passive 3D technology, which makes it ideal for families and gamers who want to enjoy immersive action and in-depth movies and games in 3D; and TriVector, which converts 2D to 3D.

To further delve into TriVector, this technology is based on exclusive Toshiba Chip with cell algorithms. The software converts 2D images from television programs, movies, and video games into 3D by analyzing individual frames and estimating the depth of each area in the frame process in order to create separate stereoscopic 3-dimensional images for the left and right eye.

What's even better is that with the Toshiba 55TL515U, users can switch from one mode to another - native mode, gaming mode, and expert mode. In the native mode, users are able to take control easily. This mode eliminates unnecessary scaling of full HD signals that can reduce overall image resolution and quality. The gaming mode lets users enjoy hair-trigger action with a special setting that reduces game controller delay. Lastly, the expert mode allows for more precise picture adjustments to create a totally optimized home theater experience!

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