The LuxSauna sauna has launched many models to

by:Getian     2020-07-25

First an introduction to some various model sizes and specifics of what may be the most valuable anti-aging tool available today.

Dual Force 1 Infrared Sauna

The first one in the infrared category is the Dual Force 1 Infrared Sauna, which is suitable for one person and is made up of excellent wood material. 100 percent non-toxic water based glues are used during the construction of the model. It has a special oxygen ionizer which helps in self cleaning and killing bacteria. With a great music system, this model is attractive both inside and outside.

Dual Force 2

The Dual Force 2 Infrared Sauna is the most popular model which accommodates two people, and is by far the largest selling model. The feature that is unique is the powerful therapeutic and heat penetration system. This arranges the best far infrared heaters strategically in the best layout for optimal far infrared heat penetration and also has the addition of soft heat carbon technology.

Dual Force 2C

This model is successful in relaxing most of the health ailments such as arthritis, pains due to sports injuries and workouts, fighting aging and obesity, etc. The other feature is the dcor of this model which is absolutely simple and elegant. The Dual Force 2C is similar to the later product except that it differs in the looks. The Dual-Force 3A accommodates 3 or more people. It is made up of high quality material with an excellent finish. The features remain the same; however, it has 2 carbon fiber heaters, 6 black ceramic heaters and a tempered glass window.

Dual-Force 3C

The Dual-Force 3C LuxSauna Infrared is a corner model and accommodates 3 to 5 people. It has an attractive appearance, with same features as the previous model and even more powerful detoxifying qualities. You can also search for a portable sauna with the same features.

Dual Force 4

The Dual Force 4 LuxSauna sauna reviews of the DF-4 Infrared Sauna is quite spacious with 3 tempered glass windows. This provides luxurious space and great comfort with stylish interiors. The same features apply with regards to carbon fiber, ceramic heaters and sound system. This is a portable sauna and is a ready to assemble sauna. All the panels are ready made and you just have to fix them. You can move these indoors and outdoors and can also arrange a waterproof cover to protect the sauna.

LuxSauna Elite Models

The other category is the LuxSauna Elite models. The Elite 201 is an absolute family sauna system and is designed keeping in mind the family requirements. All the features remain the same. The Elite 202C is a corner unit and has a very artistic look for itself. This model has a digital control panel both inside and outside along with the tempered glass windows.

The Elite 203A LuxSauna sauna reviews of its Infrared heat has a special 100% surround Bio spectrum carbon technology which differentiates it from the other products. The Elite 204 is built very spaciously and has 9 carbon fiber heaters. This has a therapeutic far infrared facility, digital control panels, and is a portable sauna which comes ready to assemble. It hardly takes 60 minutes to fix the panels.

The latest model is The Elite 3B, which is a corner design and can add beauty to any room in your house. Special interiors with an accommodation capacity of 5 people, this model also has the far infrared feature. All the models are made up of solid wood and 100% non toxic materials. The LuxSauna sauna cover would protect your sauna from sun or rain if you choose to have your sauna outdoors. The cover is absolutely water proof, easy to use and is advisable for outdoor use of saunas. However, make sure you do not let your sauna expose to too many natural elements.

Can you really detox with a LuxSauna? Infrared sauna therapy penetrates deep into cells for detoxification and healing benefits. Lux sauna introducing the far infrared sauna energy which bathes the body in a healing light, absorbed by the body as heat, and has many beneficial effects on the body.

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