The Jeep power programmer is a replacement auto

by:Getian     2020-07-23

Also called performance chip and performance programmer, the Jeep power programmer is designed to optimize the engine's lookup tables. It provides a slew of engine optimization and energy saving benefits for both gasoline and diesel Jeep models. Gas engine programmers help maximize air/fuel ratio and spark timing and automatically tunes for 87 or 93 octane fuel. The transmission shift points are adjusted and additional firmness is greatly enhanced for added acceleration. Majority of Jeep power programmers for gas engines likewise correct speedometer and odometer readings, and makes necessary adjustment to the vehicle's top speed. The Jeep power programmers for diesel engines are also known to produce the same effects, but it is in fuel mileage that the changes are best seen. Depending on the application (gas or diesel), the power programmer can provide at least 8 percent to 10 percent power gain and in some cases, an increase of up to 19 percent has been reported.

Like other aftermarket performance products the Jeep power programmers seek to up the power production of the car, but they do so without requiring further car mods and parts installations. When connected to the vehicle, the Jeep power programmer's 'smart' program immediately recognizes the powertrain by reading the engine's Vehicle Identification Number. The identification number holds vital information on the engine, transmission, and drivetrain, which the Jeep power programmer decodes before it downloads the power tuning program that it has tailored fit for the vehicle. Reprogramming the programmer likewise does not require any tools or a deep knowledge of cars or even computers. Jeep owners can restore his/her vehicle's default factory settings with just a few keystrokes.

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