The introduction of contact lenses has been considered

by:Getian     2020-07-19

Contact lenses which were focussed on creating obstruction free vision to the users and therefore had various options to cater for many individuals. With contact lenses being designed for regular purpose they are produced in such a way that although they are used on a continuous basis they don't harm the eyes of the individual.

Focus Dailies also called daily replaceable contact lenses are the ones that are used and changed on daily basis. Focus dailies are specially designed lenses which are of the nature of use once and throw away. They last only for a day and once removed from the eyes they are disposed. These lenses were created for people who use lenses on a daily basis and for long periods and also for those who are sensitive to allergies and prefer having lenses that carry less risk of infections. These focus dailies are one of many in the market but it is very essential that they are bought from the correct source. Though a bit expensive focus dailies are worth their cost. Many consider that focus dailies are a better option than the regular contact lenses:

The most important benefit of focus dailies compared to the regular ones is that you need not clean the lenses daily as they are used once and thrown away style of lenses.

As you do not need to clean and reuse them, the probability of any irritants entering your eyes is zeroed down. Using disposables daily reduces the probability of dirt, infections entering your house.

Everyday it's a fresh feeling. A person who has moved from regular lenses to focus dailies can easily identify this change.

Focus dailies are thinner compared to the regular lenses and therefore wearing focus dailies don't make you feel like the lenses are there in your eyes.

For people who travel a lot, focus dailies are best as all they need to do every night is trash the ones used and use a new pair in the morning.

If focus dailies are for general individuals, individuals with astigmatism need special lenses. People with astigmatism have ill shaped cornea which makes it difficult for them to use a regular contact lenses. The contact lenses for such special purpose are called acuvue oasys. acuvue oasys are soft flexible lenses made for people with ill shaped cornea. These lenses not only adjust themselves when the individual blinks but also protects the eyes from the UV rays making the vision clear and sharp. acuvue oasys has the credit of satisfying all its users.

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