The Chrysler LHS was in production between 1994 and 2001

by:Getian     2020-08-03

A Transmission Control Module (TCM) is a predominant feature of any vehicle of this nature and the LHS offered a complete package to motorists in respect of comfortable driving and performance. Only a few years before the partnership with Daimler Benz, various journalists compared the first generation of this vehicle with a German designed car. The ease of driving a car and the comfort associated with it is directly related to the automatic control provided by a TCM. Its fully electronic control may be a stand-alone module or one that is integrated with a Power-train Control Module (PCM, depending on the production year and application.

When compared to adjustment made manually in the past, for example to fuel/air ratios, ignition timing and other aspects, many motorists could be forgiven if they regard a TCM almost as science fiction. It operates with other electronic controlling devices, to provide data related to various aspects of driving conditions. This is achieved by a variety of transmission and engine sensors, which enable the smooth and efficient gear shifting. A solenoid pack is activated by the transmission, to affect changes in the hydraulic fluid flow, through the body of the valve to the various clutches used in the transmission functions.

The varied control factors of the transmission are maintained electronically by remote supervision on the vehicle, which includes shift points and firm functions; torque converter lock-up and overdrive engagement. Practically every aspect of an experienced transmission condition in the Chrysler LHS is monitored. It includes the fluid pressure, the temperature of the engine coolant relative to performance, input and output speeds and the rate at which the car is traveling. To function to its full capacity, a TCM requires various exterior data inputs. These could consist of a sensor to determine the throttle position, a wheel speed sensor and a control system for recording the traction of the vehicle.

The overall operating capabilities of a Chrysler LHS TCM could be described as a networking facility. The driver of a Chrysler LHS is assured that continuous controls are being conducted by their vehicle regarding aspects related to its efficient operation, particularly in adverse driving conditions. These include, neutral safety switches, braking indications and cruise control functions.

The Chrysler Corporation has been associated with development related to vehicle construction and performance for many years. The first recorded instance of electronic transmission control in the 1980's is attributed to them. Their transmissions systems have been proven in many and widely varying fields of operation, including extreme conditions and have led to many of their production models being unique in their overall design.

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