The Apple iPhone 4S and the Motorola RAZR are

by:Getian     2020-08-03

Operating System

One of the fundamental differences between the iPhone 4S and the Motorola RAZR are they operating systems that they utilize. The iPhone 4S uses the iOS platform which is found on all iPhones as well as iPads. Millions are familiar with its ease of use, the layout of its interface and the apps which can be downloaded from the AppStore. The Motorola RAZR however runs the latest version of Android, called Gingerbread. Android phones are well known for their customizable interfaces, as well as apps from the Android Market. Android recently overtook iOS in global market share, showing just how popular the platform has become in a relatively short space of time. Based on operating systems alone, choosing between these two phones is purely subjective as you are likely to prefer either Android or iOS which will be a deciding factor between the phones.


Both the Motorola RAZR and the Apple iPhone 4S share relatively similar cameras. Like most high end smartphones released in 2011, they both sport built in cameras with a resolution of 8 megapixels. Each of these is capable of capturing 1080p video footage comes with a package of image enhancing features such as LED flash, autofocus, face detection and image stabilization.


Being flagship smartphones, you would expect the iPhone 4S and Motorola RAZR to sport dual-core processors and indeed this is the case. The main difference between the two is the clock speeds. On paper, the processor of the Motorola phone is superior with a 1.2GHz chip compared to the 1GHz of the iPhone 4S. In reality you would have to be very well versed in this technology to actually notice a difference when using the phones. Either way, each phone enjoys top performance from the processors, across numerous aspects of their hardware and software alike ensuring a great user experience.


At 4.3 inches, the Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen of the Motorola RAZR is somewhat larger than the 3.5 inch LED-backlit IPS capacitive display of the iPhone 4S. This may be better suited to those who regularly play games or watch movies on their phone, or simply prefer a larger screen. N terms of pixel resolutions there is actually very little difference. Of course the iPhone 4S has the well known 'retina' display resulting in great image display quality at a resolution of 640x 960. The resolution of the Motorola RAZR's screen is 540x 960, which can be forgiven due to the larger size of the screen.

Choosing between these two phones is likely to come down to personal preference for one of the following; brand, design, or operating system. Each phone represents the best of what is available for each operating system, and you are unlikely to be disappointed with whichever you choose.

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