Summer is here and that means summertime get-togethers!

by:Getian     2020-07-24

Barbecues, pool parties, and shrimp/lobster/crawfish boils are all staples of the summer months. And these affairs can frequently stretch into the evening hours if guests are having fun.

The one thing you don't want if you're hosting a summer bash? Your guests departing because they can no longer see each other outside in the dark.

That's why it's important to have effective outdoor lighting all over your property. And the most efficient way to illuminate your entire yard is with solar-powered lights. Here are some outdoor solar lights that can brighten up any summer gathering:

Stainless Steel Olympus Solar Lamps (8-pack)

This set combines contemporary design with super-bright lighting. Each light is powered by 3 LEDs which provide 360 degrees of illumination in a 20-foot area. Each unit is only 18 inches tall but can stay lit for up to 10 hours when fully charged.

Plastic Carriage Lights (2-pack or 6-pack)

These 15-inch high lights incorporate a Western style appearance and are ideal for yards or pathways. The wide angle warm color LED will shine for 12 hours when fully charged. A durable UV protected plastic housing guards the super bright technology lens.

Large Stainless Steel Alpine Lights (2-pack or 4-pack)

Modern style unites with powerful illumination to allow these lights to be visible from 100 yards away. Three super bright natural light LEDs are placed in wide angles to enlighten a full 360 degree area. Each 18-inch tall unit can remain alight for up to 10 hours when fully charged.

Mini Solar Spotlight (sold individually)

Before your party guests can arrive, they need to be able to find your house! So this small, lightweight device is perfect to illuminate your house number - as well as your lightswitch, mailbox, or front-door keyhole. The 2-by-2.5 inch plastic case can be mounted to almost any surface using screws or double-sided tape. (1 rechargeable battery included)

Lite Anywhere Lights (sold individually or in a 2-pack)

These versatile units can be placed anywhere you need to have extra lighting from patios and courtyards to barbecue grills and mailboxes. Each 14-inch high light has a flexible neck so you can position the light to shine from many different angles. The base is magnetic, but each unit also comes with screws, hinges, and straps to affix to any surface. (1 AA battery included)

Solar Light Sticks (4-pack)

These basic-yet-bright lights can last up to 100,000 hours! They do not need wires and are very easy to install, and are perfect for illuminating driveways, walkways, water features, and landscapes. Each light is about 28 inches high and includes a ground stake. (4 AA batteries included)

Solar Tiki Torch (sold individually)

Enjoy decorating with a Caribbean theme without using oil or open flames! Each 4-by-6 inch tiki charges throughout the day and lights up at dusk. It comes with mounting equipment and a rechargeable battery.

Small Grey Solar Rock Spotlight (sold individually and in a 4-pack)

They look like ornamental rocks, but shine a targeted beam of light onto hedges, lawns, or gardens at night. These rocks also add subtle beauty to your landscaping during the day. Each 6.5-inch tall plastic resin unit has four white LEDs and a Quad-cone diffuser. (1 rechargeable Ni cad battery included)

Solar Color Changing Lights (2-pack)

You can employ light as art as well as illumination with these weatherproof, 20-inch tall units. Each light continuously changes between blue, green, red, and yellow hues. They make a perfect addition to your garden, lawn, or walkway. (1 AAA rechargeable battery included)

Pink Roses with Color Change Feature (2-pack or 6-pack)

Ideal for adding a dash of color to your landscaping, paths, or garden areas, these lights change from yellow to red to white. Each 11-inch tall solar rose sits on a metal stem which is sturdy, powder-coated, and staked into the ground. The rose petals are authentically-crafted using resin and are all painted by hand. (1 AAA rechargeable battery included)

Green Hexagon Solar Stepping Stone (sold individually and in a 3-pack)

Each 15-inch wide, heavy duty poly-resin stone can support up to 250 pounds. At night, an illuminated pathway is created by four super bright LEDs in each stone. The extra-wide lighting chamber in each stone diffuses ultra bright light. (1 Ni-MH AAA battery included)

Clear Crystal-Like Animal with Color Change Feature (sold individually and in a 3-pack)

It's a beautiful lawn or garden ornament that doubles as a light source! After soaking up sunlight during the day, each exquisitely-crafted creature glows at night in ever-changing green, gold, and white colors. Each snail, frog, turtle, squirrel, or rabbit is about 7-by-5 inches in size and comes with a mounting stake. (1 AAA rechargeable battery included)

When preparing your home for a summer gathering, don't forget about the lighting. You can easily enlighten any space with solar powered lights without having to worry about cords, bulbs, or AC outlets. So your guests can enjoy mingling after the sun goes down - and you can avoid the hassle of electric light sources!

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