Spy equipments are those fixed in home or in business

by:Getian     2020-07-30

HD Motion Sensor Camera spy Alarm Clock is a motion sensor camera spy alarm clock which looks and work like an ordinary clock. But hidden inside are 12 o' clock time marker, a pinhole video lens that nobody can detect it. In this clock high definition videos are directly recorded to a Micro SD card that too at 30 frames per second of smooth video motion picture. This also comes along with motion detection recording which records only when items move in front of the lens. This one is ideal for office and home.

IP Surveillance Camera that has motion detection and angle control is a IP security camera which has a recording facility that supports motion detection alarm and one can record and monitor in this from anyplace in the world. It has motion detection, quad screen viewing, email notification, night vision, maneuvering and tilt functions which can be done just by a mouse click. One can even set up 4 IP cameras each with different static IP. It has WiFi connection and additional option in this camera which alerts through email when motion detection is activated. This is also good for home and office.

Hand painted spy camera painting with wireless remote control is a beautiful hand painted framed art work which has spy camera which records. This camera has 4GB memory and the secretly recorded video can be uploaded to the computer via USB. This can be placed in office or in a bedroom to check who is snooping. Remote control is there to control the recording events. This art work is a beautiful portable one which is powerful spy equipment.

Night Vision Water proof CCTV Video security camera is a good security camera that works day and night without interruption. This CCTV camera with its power and durability with rough and tough is ready to protect. It is produced in aircraft grade Aluminium shell. This camera is the best protection for both home and work place. It has also water proof with 42 LED lights for automatic infrared night vision so that it works round the clock. Spy equipments are plenty. Everything can be purchased on line.

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