Spectroscopy is the process of studying how a

by:Getian     2020-08-06

Near infrared spectroscopy specifically deals with the near infrared (light with wavelengths of about 800 to 2500 nanometers) region of the electromagnetic spectrum when scanning an object or chemical. It works by measuring the pattern of near infrared light absorbed by a sample. Near infrared technologies use a light source to have light bounce off a certain sample. By using a light-dispersing prism, the light is separated into varying wavelengths. Near infrared wavelengths are then detected and recorded in order to analyze the sample.

Near infrared spectroscopy provides some advantages over different types of spectroscopy. NIR technologies have good signal to noise ratio, so background readings are relatively low compared to sample test results. This low noise allows scientists and technicians to get clearer results from NIR tests, allowing evaluation of more accurate data.

nir spectroscopy is also cheaper compared to other types of spectroscopy. Even the most extensive NIR spectroscopic analysis can be conducted relatively cheaply as compared to other spectroscopic methods. NIR also allows analysis of materials and chemicals at a larger scale since near infrared light penetrates a lot deeper than light from the infrared portion of the spectrum.

Because of these advantages, near infrared spectroscopy has been extensively used as a tool for analysis in all sorts of industries. Pharmaceutical and agricultural industries use the technology in checking for defective components that could greatly affect the overall quality of products. The technology is also useful in polymer science as well as combustion tests.

Finally, near infraredspectroscopy is a compliment to the traditional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) done in modern medicine. Children and people that have recently undergone cardiac operations benefit the most from this kind of technology, as they can be scanned for hemoglobin concentrations in the blood. Using this information, doctors and other health experts can monitor brain activities and locate possible tumors, as well as oxygen levels in the bloodstream.

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