Sony has done it again with the new KDL-46HX853

by:Getian     2020-07-22

Providing the ultimate in home cinema the new HX853 range features Active 3D Technology so now you can enjoy truly stunning 3D in the comfort of your own home. The 3D is provided courtesy of the Active 3D glasses that operate wirelessly allowing you to view the 3D image on screen. These glasses have been beautifully styled and designed for your comfort. The majority of Sony 3D glasses are rechargeable and I would recommend getting them as they weigh less (making them more comfortable to wear). With these you'll never need to worry about finding the batteries!

The new range also boasts Motionflow XR800 to provide a smooth, crisp image when watching both 2D and 3D television. The X-Reality PRO processing chip improves the performance of the whole system so not only will 3D and High Definition viewing be outstanding, standard definition and internet videos will be too. Sony have also included 3D Super Resolution upscaling for sub-HD extra-dimensional content and high-speed panels that are four times faster for optimum performance. Wow, that was a bit of a mouthful but all it means is the picture is great!

However, Sony's new range will not feature rear-mounted local-dimming LED backlight technology. This decision has been put down to higher production costs and lower profit margins but this could mean sacrificing those deeper blacks and brighter whites. Instead, Sony has chosen to go with Dynamic-Edge LED Technology; whether there is any actual difference in picture quality remains to be seen. Samsung chose to omit rear-mounted local-dimming LED backlight technology from its LED TVs in 2010 and now it would seem that Sony is following in their footsteps.

As always with all Sony Bravia televisions BRAVIA internet Video has been included. Once connected to the internet you have access to a whole host of applications that range from games to BBCiPlayer, Demand Five, Eurosport Player & Love Film.

The Sony KDL-46HX853 combines all this amazing technology with a breathtaking design. Sony has used its trademark Monolithic design to make this set look less like a piece of technology and more like a piece of art. The Gorilla glass screen provides extra protection in addition to outstanding optical clarity.

Sony has designed this new range to impress and combining old favourites with innovative technologies is a good strategy. However, have they sacrificed picture quality by choosing to drop ear-mounted local-dimming LED backlight technology? I don't think so but only time will tell. This television is stunning to behold and the technology it has will not disappoint.

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