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by:Getian     2020-07-22

Accelerate the integration of the LCD industry chain

Monday night, TCL Group announced that the Group and a subsidiary of TCL Multimedia Holdings signed the same day in Shenzhen, 'Equity Transfer Agreement', intends to transfer its holdings of TCL Multimedia Optical 100% stake in TCL. The transfer of the transaction price of about 655 million yuan. After the transfer, TCL Group, TCL Multimedia, directly or indirectly holds the shares will increase from 52.41% increase to 61.21%.

Optical TCL TCL Group A shares by the fund-raising by building, the LCD module of TCL Group, the main implementation of the project, through processing, feed processing, and general trade in the form of groups and companies at home and abroad to provide 26-inch LCD TV -46 inch TFT LCD LCD module. At present, TCL has invested in construction of six optical LCD module production line, through equipment modification, the six production lines of production capacity has reached 600 million units.

It is understood that the LCD module in the LCD industry chain in the middle, is the interface between the upstream end of key components and important part of the machine, 'module - the whole integration' model is common practice in international firms. TCL said, the TCL TCL Multimedia is optical into consideration for the integration industry, to further promote the whole upstream and downstream parts of the linkage, through vertical integration is conducive to the development, production and supply chain resources to achieve cost synergies in line with TCL TCL Multimedia Group as a platform for the television industry's overall operating strategy.

TCL LCD industry chain in the near future layout of the action is also not the case. Last week, TCL Wang Qi science and technology work together to establish joint venture in Huizhou, a joint venture engaged in the LED device packaging product development, manufacturing and sales business. Joint venture company registered capital of 200 billion yuan, Wang Qi from the TCL Group and a wholly owned subsidiary Harvatck technology by 50% of the cash co-financing.

TCL side said, scientific and technological cooperation with Hong Qi, the company will have a key chip in the LED's quality and cost advantages, and components built by shortening the production cycle, from LCD full vertical integration chain one step closer to the goal. Reporters learned that the first joint venture is expected to reach capacity production of LED device packaging products in 20 billion, the value of about $ 1.3 billion, back-testing, packaging, production date is expected in December this year, the whole process is expected to put into operation in March next year late.

Li Dongsheng reduction plan in advance to give up

After suffering from the market in question, Mr. Li also opt to give up early reduction program. Reporters learned from the TCL Group, Mr. Li received notice last weekend, was held on June 24 sale of the outstanding shares of TCL Group, a total of 600 million shares at an average price of 2.96 yuan, about 17.768 million yuan of the funds raised will be used to settle their in the 2010 private placement of shares subscribed TCL generated $ 100 million loan, and declare termination of this reduction plan, commitment from the announcement date of the disclosure within 12 months is not reduced its stake.

According to one month before the announcement, Li Dongsheng, TCL Group planned reduction of 40 million, the current reduction of the number of shares equivalent to only 15% of the original plan, the funds raised and the $ 100 million loan to be repaid far, it is learned Li Dongsheng shortfall will be self-financing through other means to repay. Li Dongsheng, TCL Group now holds 459 million shares, 5.42% of total share capital.

After the news, rumors repeatedly to energy development and the resulting stock transaction so that TCL is being questioned, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has been monitoring the TCL Group as a key target. Industry insiders refer to Li Dongsheng, then choose a proactive approach to stop the debate continues to spread, the market doubts have confessed to the TCL Group and the positive side effects of minority shareholders.

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