Some printer manufacturers, such as Canon, HP,

by:Getian     2020-08-04

How to use a chip resetterIf you use refill kits in the cartridges of your printer, you will receive a warning message that says ink levels are low. The easiest way to stop this message from appearing is to reset the micro chip on the cartridge by using either a chip Resetter made especially for your branded printer or by using a universal chip resetter. The process of resetting the chip is fairly easy. It will take just about few minutes to complete.1. Remove the cartridge form your printer; remove the chip Resetter from any plastic piece present on the chip Resetter pins.2. Line up the metal tabs (located on the backside) on the ink cartridge with the metal pins of chip Resetter.3. Press and hold the chip resetter to the cartridge so the tabs and the pins connect. A red light begins to blink on and off. Hold the cartridge and chip reset tool in contact until the green light blinks. Or press the cartridge into the chip resetter and hold it there until the light comes on.4. The ink cartridge is now ready to print. Install it back into your printer through the accessing panel. Then turn the printer on. Open a test document and select 'File' and then 'Print' to test the cartridge.About the Author:Thomas Scott invites you to take a look at Cipher Electronics. Chip Resetter by Cipher Electronics erases all the data in the toner cartridge chip from previous use so that the cartridge can be reborn to a fresh state.

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