So now, you've taken the Wealth Dynamics test

by:Getian     2020-07-20

The wealth spectrum is a collection of 9 levels and the test puts you on one of those levels. These can essentially measure your expertise in creating value and leveraging it profitably. Following is a review of the 9 levels.

Foundation Prism:Includes the infrared level, the red level and the orange one. Infrared is where you are totally cut off from the flow and unless that break is mended, there is no way you can make any positive changes anywhere. Red is for the lone survivor who can't really support anyone else. If you're Orange, you're the worker who is comfortable with other monetizing your time.

Enterprise Prism:You can be at the Yellow level where you know your basics right and can play around to create a curious mix that can catapult you and everyone you're associated with, to newer heights. The Green level is that of the performer who enables enterprises and the Blue level is where you are the master of cash and capital.

Alchemy Prism:This prism is right at the top and at the lower rung of the top most prism, is the Indigo level of the trustee. This is where you are if you've accumulated enough wealth to play around with new ideas and either strut your own stuff as a loner or group with other big fish. The next step is that of the Composer- the Violet level. These are the people who set our rules, the taxes, prints our currencies and the like. Right on the top of the top most prism is the Ultra Violet level, shining bright and very unique. There's nothing they can't do, and their name stands out from others' in their league.

Roger James Hamilton sums it up quickly and crisply. The more we let our music be composed by those who have music worth writing, the better for us all. Unless we're led through the steps by the more experienced, there's nothing we can do to make a positive contribution to our world. We don't want technology to be our only gauge for development. We want to see people and not just bots do better in life. Don't we?

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