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by:Getian     2020-07-22

When you think the newly released of Apple's iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S couldn't get any better, think again. These following smartphones-which are not iPhones evidently-are reverberating off their shelves to let Apple know that these smartphones deserve the limelight in the mobile industry. On a lighter note, they are even cheaper than that of iPhone, but they are not just one of the cheap mobile phones you know. Let's hit the list below:

#1: LG G2: More Powerful

According to Apple, the A7 chip inside iPhone 5S represents a double improvement in both computational and graphical tasks. Sounds great, eh? Then what will it have to say with LG G2 that is powered by the very latest mobile chip from Qualcomm, which is the Snapdragon 800? With the silky smooth gaming experience and zero lag time it offers, you wouldn't have to guess which one is more powerful!

#2: Nokia Lumia 1020: Better Camera Phone

iPhone 5S' iSight camera with a larger 8-megapixel sensor has nothing to say with Nokia Lumia 1020 that sports a staggering 41-megapixel camera. It may have been better with low lights and has a clever looking auto-image stabilization system to get no shaky footages, but Nokia Lumia 1020 has already perfected these features. Indeed, it is the most impressive camera to date.

#3: Motorola Razr HD: Longer Battery Life

Praise the Apple's improved battery life with 1,440 mAh! But, can it last from dawn 'til dusk when engaged with heavy usage? Apparently, this won't do too much. Let Motorola Razr HD show you what it can offer better. It is geared up with Li-ion polymer battery type rather than the straight Li-ion ones you'll find in most phones. And with that being said, a single charge will last more like 1.5 days!

#4: Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Better Screen Display

When it talks about crisp display, Apple boasts its 4-inch screen that has 634 x 1136 pixel resolution, accumulating 326 ppi. It has a good, bright, color accurate and LED-backed screen tech that is actually great, but it's not big enough; not even Full HD. Clearly, it is nothing compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 3's screen display which has a Full HD Super AMOLED Plus with its 5.7 inches screen.

#5: Google Nexus 4: Worth the Price

As what Apple is being acknowledged with their gadgets' price, no one would dare to say that they are cheap. Now, the 8GB Nexus 4 is available for only 159. Upgrading more to 16GB would only add 40. But if it's much cheaper, are the specs compromised? Well, no. It even has much bigger screen with more pixels, and is powered by same processor. Not to mention they are both geared with 8MP cameras even.

It's good if you have iPhone in your hands. But then again, with the pretty penny you've spent with the device alone, you are still obliged to buy the appropriate cell phone accessories that-trust me-are real pricey. Why not hit the list above and find the phone that is worth the splurge?

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