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by:Getian     2020-08-07
The 2018 marks the anniversary of the application of the LED display in the field of indoor commercial display.Driven by smallLED display is widely used in the indoor market.At the same time, due to the original LCD, DLP, projection, electronic whiteboard has already entered the indoor business market, the competition is still fierce.In this case, it can be small-Pitch LED products continue to grow steadily and gain more market share in the indoor field?Technology has always been considered primary productivity, as has the LED display industry.Small-The asphalt technology has matured and the products have been produced in batches.The application of LED display in the field of indoor commercial display has become very impressive --From command and control center, meeting display to window display, auto display and small-pitch products.The popularity should be partly attributed to the wonderful display effect of small-pitch products.In the traditional close rangeThe distance display equipment of LCD and DLP is limited by technology, and the real seamless splicing has not yet been realized.The split of the screen does not bring the perfect visual experience.In addition, the inherent problems of color, brightness, reflection and so on brought by screen display technology make them inferior to themselvesSmall lighting-LED products.Therefore, even if the small spacing products still inherit the defects of high brightness and serious fever, they have won the recognition of the market with excellent display effect.Since this year, the development of small spacing LED display has maintained a great momentum, in the large screen splicing market in an invincible position.According to the data, the market size in the first half of 2018 is relatively large --The screen splicing is 4.48 billion, of which 48% are LCD splicing, small-The spacing led was 35%, up 8%, and the DLP splicing was 16%, down 8%.Prices are expected to continue to fall, and the future application prospects will be broader.Starting from 2018, the market is promisingMany LED display companies have stepped up research and development and production efforts,Asphalt production continued to increase.Competition in the industry further intensified, driving the decline in product prices.In addition, the analysis found that in smallIn LED products, lamp beads account for 70% of the overall cost.In recent years, in the context of the upstream LED chip localization process accelerated and the production cost decreased, the chip price was lowered for the first time in two years.The cost is expected to be reduced, so the price of LED lamp beads will continue to decline as a whole.Under the dual promotion of competition and market development, the downstream is smallWith the price reduction, asphalt products will inevitably reduce the price.As small-Asphalt products gradually penetrate into the indoor commercial market and tap into a broader application potential.At present, highTerminal Stores start using small-The LED display screen can display product advertisements, and some manufacturers have also launched corresponding retail solutions in a timely manner.Among them, the LED Poster screen is the first to become popular-Produced by the publicproducers.Small-The pitch LED screen is very popular and bright, and its flat HD display perfectly complements the product image of the car\'s atmospheric fashion.In the field of education, even if they are not considered suitable for the long termIn the long run, the cost of use is too high, and the application space is still very large.In addition to large conference rooms and multiple conference rooms, LED screen manufacturers are also actively involved in the development of virtual simulation laboratories, Intelligent classroom systemsPurpose lecture hall.Excellent display effect, coupled with the increase in production capacity and the reduction of product prices, small-In the indoor commercial market, the spacing LED panel will become more and more popular.However, this does not mean small-The pitch LED panel can continuously gain a good market share in the indoor market.The reasons are as follows: small-TechnologyAsphalt products are still not very mature indoorsToo high brightness, not suitable for long useThe term viewed with the naked eye.Even for what is called low-The actual brightness is higher than the brightness of the LCD product.Even the outdoor LED display screen also needs heat dissipation equipment, which has serious heat dissipation.Heat dissipation is a big problem in indoor applications.The noise is relatively large, and the sound generated by the operation of the LED display screen can be ignored outdoors, but in the indoor environment, it is still awkward.Although manufacturers have been trying to reduce energy consumption, it is still higher than the traditional display products.Small-

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