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by:Getian     2020-07-30

Three arrows shot

'Internet TV terminal product development and industrialization,' the project will Skyworth 3 years to bring 10 billion yuan sales revenue.

In 2009, Skyworth commitment to the 'flat-panel TV integrated module of R & D and industrialization' project, the project's goal is to develop with independent intellectual property rights, the leading domestic level, to achieve industrialization, there is a market competitive flat-panel TV integrated Modular products. Project focuses on content related to R & D and industry through the acquisition of equipment, Skyworth Dan Yanji to transform the modern flat-panel TV or new module production line integration, 3-5, to achieve an annual output of more than 100 million 26-inch flat-panel TV integrated module ability. Currently, the project has completed the research and development tasks at the same time, five 26-inch LCD TV module production line over the introduction of performance testing has been completed, achieving more than 200 million units annual capacity of flat-panel TV integrated module objectives, and mass production .

Skyworth-RGB Electronics Co., Ltd. 'Internet TV terminal product development and industrialization' project won the 2010 Electronic Information Industry Development Fund. The project is to enhance the quality of flat panel display television images, the development of its network of multimedia technology as the main purpose of flat-panel TV picture quality through enhanced technology, IGRS technology, 3C integration of multimedia technology, Linux embedded system based on digital television technology a number of key techniques of flat-panel TV, and research applied to the emerging flat-panel TV products. Previous study has been completed, trial work, access to small quantities of test marketing phase, and in the country for a new generation of 'cool chat TV' promotion. June is expected to be able to roll out a nationwide sales network. Conservative estimates, the technology product sales this year, the amount of at least 2 billion, and related intellectual property has entered the phase of consolidation and project closeout. Skyworth TV Business Division Chief Engineer, Research Institute Wu Wei Group, said at least 3 years of the project is expected to bring 10 billion for more than Skyworth sales revenue, and for the emerging television industry to do smart preparation.

Skyworth commitment 'LED backlighting flat-panel TV R & D and industrialization of key technologies,' the main content of the project is to study and overcome through the LED backlighting flat-panel TV products, system design, optical design, the regional dynamic control drive circuit design, LED packaging and other key technologies, research and development of high-performance, low cost, energy-efficient LED backlighting flat-panel TV products, and ultimately developed with independent intellectual property rights, the leading domestic level, to achieve industrialization, there is a market competitive flat-panel TV LED backlight products. Current technology related products of the project is still further development, testing, LED packaging products have been of small series production; the same time, planning and construction of the project is 32 inches above the LED backlighting flat-panel TV production line, and the acquisition of appropriate equipment, instruments.

Related industries

LED backlight technology research and development needs of government, industry associations and enterprises to jointly promote the advantages of machine and guide.

'Flat-panel TV integrated module of the R & D and Industrialization' and 'LED backlighting flat-panel TV R & D and industrialization of key technologies' project not only improved the Skyworth LCD TV industry chain, and further strengthened the LCD module on the upper reaches of Skyworth Group mastery of core technologies. Reflect its role in promoting and leading regional industry and other related industries, as well as supporting local integrated circuits, electronic components, LCD display, color TV and other industries, while also driving test driven software, services, transport and other related The second and third industries, promote regional economy into a virtuous circle track, and further enhance the economic strength and future economic development.

Skyworth senior leaders and cadres at all levels of the electronic information industry development fund high priority projects, from project planning start start to set up a dedicated project management team, coordinating the work of various departments, and will include work on the project management arrangements. On the financial side, Skyworth adequate funding for the project implementation to ensure and support funds to ensure that the 'earmarking'; in research and development, set up a TFT-LCD Module Technical Research Centre; the technological transformation of technology used in the research and technological organizations , Applied Technology Group, responsible for the improvement of existing technology and new technology development and application; in equipment, production line construction, installation and commissioning, the production manager as by the competent person in charge of overall responsibility for the related work.

Wu Wei said that the current Skyworth also need to strengthen the development of LED backlight technology to the upstream integration, strengthening of basic materials such as chips, packages and other key directional input. Now the industrial structure from the domestic point of view, this requires government, industry associations and enterprises to jointly promote the advantages of machine and guide, especially leading the backbone of the upstream and downstream of the domestic enterprises to participate in relevant research and development, to promote the simultaneous development of the industrial chain, according to technology maturity and market conditions seize the opportunity to promote the cultivation of their industry.

Wu Wei pointed out that more and more electronic product differentiation, mainly in software, software, and applications should be said that gives the user a good experience on the operation, playing an increasingly important role. Electronic information industry development fund to lead the industry in the development and increased investment in software and Internet support. He hoped that the Development Fund for the electronics industry can continue to support and encourage the regularization of software development, organization, processes, encourage the CMMI and software development companies in the software implementation and application process.

10 years of the 21st century and the new, Skyworth has developed 5 years to achieve 500 billion yuan, 10 years to achieve 100 billion yuan revenue, strategic planning, to become 'the world's leading consumer electronics group.'

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