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by:Getian     2020-07-22

Skyworth Group Chairman Zhang Xuebin told the South have told reporters that the 2011 fiscal year, Skyworth TV sales target for the domestic market is expected to 700 million units, 9 percent more than last year. Including 400 million LED LCD TV, 1.5 million 3D TV, LED LCD TV than a substantial increase of over 150% last year, accounting for up to 57%; and color TV markets overseas color TV sales target year of 200 million units, feed ratio Last year, an increase of 25%.

Worth noting that in March this year announced its entry into the white of Skyworth, now officially the overall development of the white market, sales target the $ 200 million. Xuebin said White, 'a large market size, growth, good profitability and stability' is to attract Skyworth into the main reason.

Skyworth TV business accounted for 86.4% of domestic sales

Skyworth fiscal 2010 net profit of HK $ 1.281 billion, marking the best performance of the domestic TV industry last year.

Zhang Xuebin, Skyworth Group, Chairman of the Board admitted that the first half of last year the company over the past 10 years, the most critical moment, Skyworth TV business net profit fell sharply once, but after going through a difficult quarter, 'Skyworth first came out.'

Last year, half of the fiscal year (April-September 2010), Skyworth 36% net profit dropped significantly, but the second half of fiscal year Skyworth Digital LED LCD TV by accelerating and 3D intelligent television in the popularity of high-end products, effectively increasing the gross margin .

Reported a Skyworth TV business accounted for most of the domestic market sales 86.4%, digital set-top box business accounted for 12.1%. Skyworth Digital set-top boxes has become the second pillar of performance --- Skyworth is the largest set-top box manufacturers: Skyworth domestic digital set-top box business turnover of HK $ 2.676 billion, an increase of 125.6%; overseas set-top box business turnover increased by 43.7 %. Skyworth set-top box industry is out to expand the domestic second and third tier cities in the market, the business has continued to develop overseas markets.

April this year the new fiscal year, Skyworth, said TV sales target of 900 product units, domestic and overseas markets accounted for 700 million and 200 million units as of May, has completed 14% of the sales target? In fact, Skyworth behind a majestic 10-year goals --- the next five to 10 years, aimed against the $ 200 billion, the first five years to achieve 50 billion yuan, the second five years to reach 100 billion yuan.

To accomplish this goal, Xuebin said the next 10 years, Skyworth to enrich the product line. Reporters also recently learned that Skyworth March this year into the white market, and further big industry: its production base in Nanjing recently completed production, Skyworth plans to 6-8 months in the county and township new 5000 terminals, and further expand the coverage of the terminal.

Make long chips and displays short board

In 2010, the overall sluggish domestic TV: TCL Multimedia annual revenue of 26.9 billion Hong Kong dollars, down 11.2%, a net loss of 983 million Hong Kong dollars; Konka Group, although operating income increased 34.5% to 17.84 billion yuan, but only 82.03 million net profit yuan, dropped by 45.7%. Changhong's net profit was 292 million yuan last year.

Overall profitability of the domestic TV business downturn, foreign investment is recouped with low prices. To Sony, for example, in September 2009, in the United States system of monitoring data, the Sony TV market share of only 5.2%, but in November 2010 had risen to 10.8%.

During the National Day in 2010, foreign TV price war is particularly intense, foreign brands and domestic brands already in the price ratio of 1.1 times the level of the price advantage of domestic TV brands is almost lost.

Foreign and domestic TV brands shift, so that China's color TV industry is facing the old problem is even more obvious: do not have the upper LCD production, the price can not have complete right to speak.

'Must not compete with short board, short board the domestic color TV enterprises is the chips and displays, Skyworth adhere to these two short board meeting long.' Xuebin said Skyworth not only in the LCD module, panel, tempered glass, chip , packaging and other core areas under the foot work, but also with South China University of Technology set up a joint venture developing the next generation OLED (organic light-emitting diode) products. Now, this product has entered the pilot phase, and running more than six months, while the R & D line, once the process has been a breakthrough can be mass production, expected 2013 commercial. 'If some foreign brands OLED TV action, we will be more to accelerate the commercial process.'

View of industry

To play with key parts of the industry chain

As Chairman of the Board of Skyworth Group, said Zhang Xuebin, must not compete with the short panel and chip board. At present, the TV companies for the cost of procurement panel TVs accounted for 60% of the total cost, together with other key components such as graphics chips, smart chips, and even the operating system software, TV companies need to up the total cost of purchased components cost 80 percent, but now the industry chain of key components and technologies, basically controlled by Japan, Korea and other enterprises in the hands. As the lack of core technologies, led to the current TV business about 80% or more of the profits, must master the core technology into the hands of foreign companies.

Analysts also cautioned: air conditioning energy subsidies in June this year end, the end of 2012 the country ended subsidies for home appliances. This will make three or four markets, home appliances sales volume from the current annual 300 billion to 250 billion yuan the following fall, coupled with a shrinking secondary market has emerged, Skyworth and other black giant inroads into the white areas, outlook is also not clear.

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