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by:Getian     2020-08-04

'863' program featuring LED backlight projects, responsible for Hisense module industry technology leaders Dr. Liu Weidong, told this reporter, is the LCD display module, connectors, integrated circuit, PCB circuit board, backlight, the structure the display component parts fit together. 'Simply put, the module is commonly referred to as liquid crystal display or LCD panel.'

Professor, Institute of Optoelectronics, Nankai University, Tianjin Optoelectronics Research Center, Sun Zhonglin display technology that the Chinese flat panel TV has developed nearly 20 years, but almost all LCD TV module imports. Hisense to develop into large-scale and complete module production line, on behalf of my LCD monitor or LCD products really completed a key chain ring. With the diversification of types of display, LCD module must be combined to determine how upstream module functions, but also for the downstream machine to create conditions for development of new products, so it plays a key role in the technical aspects. Although universities and research institutes can make a lot of preliminary research, but if no one module production base in China, all research can only be pointless, with the official line, in order reflecting the requirements of new technologies and new principles.

'The birth of the LCD module production line to seek greater business development will lay a good foundation chu,' the State Council Development Research Center of Market Economy Institute deputy director of the lu introduction, it is estimated that in 2007, China's flat panel TV sales will reach 7.6 million units in 2008 will reach 12 million units. Global flat-TV market is expected to reach 8,400 this year, million units in 2008 expected to exceed 100 million units, of which occupy a huge share of the LCD TV.

lu said that due to screen LCD TVs accounted for 60% to 70% of the cost, if the master of the upstream module technology, the Chinese brand of flat panel products, will greatly enhance the ability of cost control; Otherwise, the Chinese color TV enterprises will face Edge of embarrassment. Especially with the function of the upstream modules continue to strengthen, China's machine industry continue to reduce controllable costs in the global TV industry will gradually lose the right to speak, 'then, China's color TV 'manufacturing power' of the call will be illusory.'

Shu Min, president of Hisense Group in the introduction, as early as 3 years ago, Hisense to begin preparation module industry, has completed the project planning module and a goal: the first annual output of 500,000 15 inches to 42 inches LCD TV modules Group production line and body panel repair line put into operation in Hisense. From 2007 to 2009, Hisense plans to invest 700 million yuan in 3-step module production line to complete five of the building. September 19 put into the production line started planning is only the first step, Hisense plans to officially put into operation during the first half of 2008 a second production line. Completed by the end of 2008 a third production line and achieve an annual output of 1.5 million manufacturing capacity.

5 production lines in 2009 completed, then, Hisense TV LCD module with an annual output will reach 3 million. Meanwhile, Hisense will build an LED backlight module production line.

Hisense Group Chairman Zhou Houjian introduction, and then developed the chip as determined Hisense, Hisense decided to do a good job module industry, hopes the chip and the module core part of the two television control and optimize the product, improve efficiency, reduce costs, trying to change the status of China's color TV industry, the rapid increase Hisense competitiveness in the global industry.

'Hisense into the module industry is bigger sound, to avoid the risk of a rational industrial structure and layout of choice.' A motion that the whole enterprise involved in R & D and manufacture of modular, re-implement in the industrial chain division and cooperation, give play to their respective professional advantage, will benefit both parties to improve efficiency and reduce costs; benefit based on rapid response to consumer demand, will have new technology and new features of the products to the market often result, with the machine manufacturers and upstream suppliers close co-operation, more variety of products to market quickly, which will promote the development of better and faster flat-panel TV industry.

Liu Weidong introduction, Hisense has been stable for 3 consecutive years, the domestic flat-panel television first, the end of 2006, Hisense, 'Low Cost Dynamic LED light source system development,' won the National '863' program support, which is the first Chinese color TV enterprises bear the '863' projects planned in this area; followed in July of this year, Hisense large-size LCD TV with LED backlight technology development and industrialization and successful electronic information industry development fund key projects, Hisense, China's first self-developed large size LED backlight LCD TV is also simultaneously released the source. 'Add Shanghai

In the letter the advantages of video processing chip, enabling more than 60% of the LCD module component independent development. '

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