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by:Getian     2020-08-08
The development, manufacture and sale of LEDs by SemiLEDs Corporation, established in January 4, 2005 (LED)
Chip and LED components.
The company\'s products are mainly used for general lighting applications, including street lighting and commercial, industrial and residential lighting.
Its LED chip can also be used for special industrial applications such as UV (UV)
, Polymer curing, LED light treatment in medical/cosmetic applications, counterfeit detection, LED lighting for horticultural applications, building lighting and entertainment lighting.
The company encapsulates its LED chips into LED components and sells them to distributors and customer groups, focusing on specific markets such as Taiwan, the United States and China (
Including Hong Kong).
The company is developing a variety of packaging technology, such as advanced packaging technology called Chip Scale Packaging (CSP), Multi-
Channel transmitter (MCE)and Chip-On-Board (COB).
The company produces a series of blue, white, green and uv led chips, including its enhanced vertical (EV)
LED product range, chip size about 380 microns (um)
Through Ethereum to 1, through 1, 520um to 520um.
It provides enhanced flip chips (EF)
LED series and a range of white chip-level packages, readymenhanced enhanced CSP or EC series.
It also provides converted phosphorus (PC)
LED chip series such as PC red, PC Green and PC Amber.
The company designs, assembles and sells lighting equipment and systems for general lighting applications including commercial, residential and industrial lighting.
Its lighting products mainly include LED lighting and LED transformation.
Its packaging products, using alumina with high thermal conductivity as the base, can be divided into four different categories: UV, MCE, auto and special lighting.
Its uv led portfolio ranges from 2 W to 200 W and is designed for industrial applications such as printing, coating, curing and medical/cosmetic products.
The company provides uv cob module products such as D4525 and d4825.
The company sells its blue, white, green and uv ev, LED product range in selected markets.
Its lighting products customers are mainly original design manufacturers (ODMs)
End users of lighting products and lighting equipment.
It has also entered into contracts with other manufacturers to sell certain LED products for them as well as certain aspects of the product manufacturing, assembly and packaging process, according to its design and technical requirements and its quality control specifications and final inspection process.
The company conducts R & D activities at its manufacturing plant in Taiwan.
The company competes with Cree, Seoul\'s vios. Ltd.
, Everlight, liton, LED Engin, Nichia Corporation, Lumileds, Osram-
OS limited and Edison Optronics. Elektrikov st.
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