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by:Getian     2020-08-04

The new Broadcom BCM28150 Merlyn integrated application processor technology. Merlyn processor combines the ARM Cortex A9 processors and Braodcom series of high-performance, low latency bus architecture, and provide world-class multimedia performance for all future applications for smart phones Broadcom baseband chip provides a scalable processing engine.

Also introduced the Broadstone reference platform, including 40nm BCM28150 HSPA + single-chip system (SoC) processor, smart phones, BCM2091 radio transceiver IC and support for charging and audio, advanced power management unit (PMU) BCM59056, Broadcom's complete and uses world-class wireless interconnection technology. In the 14 February to 17 February 2011, held in Barcelona, Spain, Mobile World Congress (Mobile World Congress) on, Broadcom will demonstrate the new BCM28150 reference design smartphone processor.


BCM28150 HSPA + baseband processor integrated Broadcom Merlyn application processor technology for the best smart phones and multimedia processing applications, both high performance and low power consumption. BCM28150 SoC's include:

o using a frequency of 1.1GHz, ARM Neon 128 bit single instruction multiple data (SIMD) engine, dual ARM Cortex A9 core to Adobe Flash multimedia applications like the consumer, in order to achieve a flexible, powerful graphics acceleration and low power operation, the kernel is essential.

version with integrated HSPA +8 o 14 class modem supports 21Mbps downstream connection speed, and supports Class 33 EDGE, thus achieving greater flexibility and global roaming.

o uses Broadcom's industry-leading, with a vector processing unit (VPU) of the VideoCore IV technology, from the core unloading MHz Cortex A9 offers a 'third processing cores,' in improving the Android user interface experience, while reducing power consumption . VideoCore high-performance graphics engine supports a powerful shadow shaders, and more than 1Gpx / s fill rate, at up to 1080p resolution at high frame rates when rendering the 3D mobile game machine, this powerful feature with HDMI Output phase combination can be implemented on a large screen high definition TV console-quality gaming experience.

o Support advanced imaging capabilities and multiple camera inputs 20Mpx sensor to capture three-dimensional image, identifying position, while supporting advanced image signal processing (ISP) function (red-eye reduction, facial expression tracking, smile detection, etc.). o in a small 12 x 12 PoP memory package.

BCM28150 reference platform for the baseband chip has been customized, in addition to the built-in HSPA + interconnect, but also to provide the most advanced smart phone features, these features all of the Broadcom chip to ensure the highest level of integration and a variety of components function of continuity.

o Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), support for popular audio and video codecs, such as the VP8 and Vorbis audio to support HTML5.

o Other platform features include:

equipped with a capacitive touch screen 4.3-inch WVGA TFT LCD;

use of integrated image signal processing chip Broadcom 1080p30 video camera;

LCD with 3D graphics while providing and 1080p60 HDMI output;

1Gpx / s high-quality 3D games and graphics;

Play a very low-power quality 1080p60 Blu-ray video;

12 megapixel camera imaging (up to 20Mpx);

support the 8th edition of 14 classes (21Mbps) HSPA + modems.

The reference platform also incorporates Broadcom's industry-leading wireless interconnect technology:

o Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and other interconnect options in the pre-integrated into the platform to help equipment manufacturers are rapidly increasing for the next generation smart phones best wireless technology and extended functionality.

BCM4329 Bluetooth-enabled, Wi-Fi and FM technology, the best integration.

BCM47511 GPS transceiver supporting GLONASS, using this high-performance solution enables the largest number of navigation satellites can be used to improve the positioning performance.

Merlyn platform also uses Broadcom's InConcert coexistence, application of various methods to reduce interference, the leading Broadcom wireless technology can better coexist, mutual interference will be smaller.

Broadcom's mobile baseband division vice president of marketing Rafael Sotomayor said: 'The smart phones will rise to the mainstream consumer interest. Broadcom may be required for smart phones, after all the key market-proven advanced technology integrated together, can do it can be said that very few technology companies. With the BCM28150 reference platform processors and Broadstone , device manufacturers than ever before will be able to more easily meet the market demand, the introduction of smart people want affordable phone offers all the features. '

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