Recently, the domestic high-generation panel lines

by:Getian     2020-07-22

It is reported that Huaxing power on March 15, 2010 began construction in 17 months time to complete the infrastructure work of the main plant, plant improvements, equipment and power installation, water supply and drainage, and chemical gas facilities, equipment testing and linkage, the process of adjustment and improvement of technology and so on. Currently, Huaxing Power R & D center set up four special lab, has completed the 32-inch and 46 inch LED TV module development. Huaxing Electric is expected to fully operational in October this year, the amount of production (18,000 large glass panels / month) and continue with the subsequent equipment installation is expected to end 2012 total production capacity of 100,000 per month to maintain the target substrate.

TCL Group, Huaxing Electric chairman Li Dongsheng said Huaxing Power 8.5 generation LCD panel is to rely on independent innovation and independent development of the highest-generation LCD panel production line, its production will improve China's LCD TV industry, the status of the core components of external dependence, and will drive the glass substrates, color filters, polarizers, photoresists, liquid crystal chemical materials, LED lighting and other display related upstream and downstream industry chain development of the industry.

The industry believes that the first 8.5 generation Huaxing Power Line Project will effectively promote the construction of the LCD panel in the chain associated with the acceleration of industry concentration, the LCD TV industry in China for the perfect layout, and enhance China's electronic industry's competitiveness in the global market has a positive push role. In addition, the LCD panel due to the recent market prices continue to decline, and the Chinese mainland have been put into the BOE 8.5 generation line, Samsung's 7.5-generation line of high-generation LCD panel line, and the AU recently announced 8.5-generation line project approved in Kunshan, etc. , also expressed some people in the industry may be 'excess capacity' concerns.

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