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by:Getian     2020-07-28

In an interview, manufacturers have told reporters, led ceiling lamp with their current price is 4 to 8 times times more than ordinary energy-saving lamps, led ceiling lamp price space is far far greater than ordinary energy-saving lamps.

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Recently, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, the national customs, the State administration for industry and Commerce and the State administration of quality supervision jointly issued, China will be five stages of phasing out of incandescent lamps. Domestic lighting market big guy implicit concession of many optoelectronic enterprises like to see it, 'peep' was released by market share.

This reporter recently visited the market in Fuzhou, found mainstream supermarkets in the urban area are basically see a trace of incandescent lamps. 'Energy-saving lamps only. 'Sales staff said. However, some individual supermarkets have left the low wattage incandescent lamps, mainly used to match some special lighting. In some communities of convenience stores and snack bars, incandescent lamps are still frequent. However, compared to ordinary energy-saving lamp, led ceiling lamp for more energy-saving traces are difficult to see in the supermarket.

Fuzhou photoelectric science and technology limited company is a set of LED optoelectronic products of design research and development, production, sales and engineering practice of integrated enterprise, company told a press conference, led ceiling lamp most of the business of the company is also in the works, for example, LED landscape engineering, government procurement, and other, less for real family business of 5%, mainly for price reasons. However, Commerce (shopping malls, hotels, and so on) there is an increasing trend. Shopping malls as an example, jewelry counter this year have begun to reject the T5, and switch to more energy-efficient, eco-friendly led ceiling lamp.Price spaces larger than the ordinary energy-saving lamp.

Despite the prices high, but it is an indisputable fact, as chip prices, led ceiling lamp price fall in these two years is about 20% per year, some even more than 100%. Such as certain brands of 8 watts of LED ceiling lights in July last year sold for $ 293, in June of this year dropped to 120 Yuan; Single head LED Grill light last year, $ 180, now just $ 100; LED tube light dropped from $ 370 to $ 230. WorldCom photoelectric said above, 5W LED ceiling lights on the market today can buy low thirty or forty dollars, and low-power energy-saving lamps in supermarkets also sell for a dozen, and cheap incandescent lamp so long as 1 Yuan.

Provincial energy conservation (monitor) Monitoring Center half-price tickets for national wealth-effect of energy-saving lamps promotion-related persons, although the price is several times more than ordinary energy-saving lamps, but this also means that the led sky lantern prices space greater than energy-saving lamps.

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