Recent improvements in LED lighting are reportedly

by:Getian     2020-07-27

These handy systems for LED lighting are manufactured at MHT which is located in Staten Island, NY. LED flat panels and magnetic LED t8 tubes are among the most popular items manufactured at MHT. The LED flat panels are effective in a variety of ways and have aided in efficiency and cost. These panels provide a life-span of an estimated 60K hours over a warranty of five years.

In terms of cost effectiveness, these specific products offer the most power, performing way above incandescent and halogen lamps. These LED lamps are offered with the highest possible quality; provide a long life span; and don't emit harmful UV rays. Most of these LED bulbs will decrease energy use by as much as 82 percent which will also cause a decreased electrical bill and carbon footprint.

LED is somewhat new in the technology forefront, but MHT doesn't let that slow them down! There have been incredible advances in technology for LED and MHT is leading the pack. LED is a form of technology which is clean and doesn't cause negative factors from the use of mercury, lead, phosphorous or filaments. MHT offers products such as the LM79, LM80 and also the DLC.

This type of lighting solution can be used in warm weather environments; manufacturing plants, grocery stores and warehouses; parking garages; hospitals; street lamps; resorts and hotels; and in offices or homes. They provide reduced cost of maintenance; decrease consumption of energy; fewer footprints in landfills; and they don't hum or flicker. In addition, LED products are not made of glass.

MHT is an American based company, meaning you are getting products that are made in the USA. MHT offers American made products such as the LED t8; 1x4 LED; 2x2 LED; 2X4 LED and LED tubes.

MHT offers benefits to the consumer which include a variety of colors; decreased labor expenses due to the easy installation; environmentally friendly because products are 100% recyclable; MHT meets all standards for 'Made in America' product guidelines; UL labeled and listed; and an exceptional life cycle at 70 percent lumens upon 30,000 hours.

Prospective distributors are able to be a part of LED lighting through association with MHT. This is a company who is willing to accept potential distributor's because they have a proven track record in effectiveness of distributing. Consequently, the opportunities can be endless for businesses which associate with this company. The right lighting system with the right company can create an exceptional experience.

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