Radiant Opto-Electronics in January began to supply

by:Getian     2020-08-05

Radiant is the first factory made panel backlight LCM plant operations, LCM plant originally belonged to the back-panel process, panels will be released after the LCM, the capacity and manpower, the LCD switch to higher value-added front-end process. Radiant LCM production lines made of two weeks, to ensure future cooperation with Samsung, while the use of existing technology, for Taiwan-based panel plant LCM business.

Radiant noted that last year revenue of about Radiant 36.6 billion Taiwan dollars (below), this year a variety of applications for LED products have been prepared to inject new customers coupled with expected revenue this year is expected to reached 43.3 billion yuan, annual growth of more than 18%.

Radiant pointed out that because Apple signed a confidentiality agreement before the launch of the new product is not and can not leak any information. Apple has new products in the last week, Swiss instrument are also shipping in January of Apple, the first month supply of nearly 30 million units LED backlight module, with the new products to market, monthly shipments of the future will continue to grow .

Radiant supply relationship with Apple since the beginning of Apple's LED NB, good cooperation between the two sides, the Apple iPad three panel suppliers are using Radiant backlight module, the product began to drive revenue in January growth in the future on sales of Apple's goal of millions of once reached, would have a more significant Radiant help.

Panel manufacturing plant to the release of LCM backlight module has become a trend, Radiant began in March last year, with Samsung, Samsung made small amounts of electricity LCM business, by Samsung technology transfer to Radiant.

In addition to outside the backlight module and associated components of the assembly, testing, and, ultimately, aging test, completed the process until all the cross-Samsung.

Samsung recently re-released the second production line to the Radiant LCM, this product is the NB, will soon join the production, expected in the first quarter for the Radiant to add new revenue sources.

Radiant said the partnership with Samsung, mainly backlight module assembly and testing coupled with the processing fee, plus the entire panel without a price, so no puffiness revenue, gross margin will be increased. Importantly, the establishment of LCM backlight module factory production line, and panel makers to work more close working relationship, product lines can not readily be replaced, the backlight module plant can have more time to strengthen logistics management and design capabilities, will also help in cost control, on the backlight module plant, the most meaningful.

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