Prof. Dr. Fritz Sennheiser (Fritz, Dr SenHaiSaiEr

by:Getian     2020-07-25

Inside the 1950 years of Hanover expo, Sennheiser released a form of mini microphone MD3, including pencils general tiny, at the time it really is a type of miracle. In 1952, the world's first only restrain feedback of noise receiver MD4, labor-saving, was born in W inside the history of Sennheiser through the 25 years. In 1952, began to create miniature magneto electricity transducer the size of Germany 10 points (a points coppers equivalent to coin and one percent mark), the Sennheiser in the 60 s for the German industry, and rapid open a German industrial hearing AIDS on military command equipment transducer and on the phone manufacturer. Exclusive In 1954 launched MD21 moving coil sort interview microphone, the metal surface grind sand style, outstanding excellent, have particularly strong wind noise and noise suppression ability, in the the majority of the undesirable environment also can work commonly, this only the telephone has followed so far is still broadly choose, the FanXiuLv is only 4%, prove that its super reliability. Now renamed the sound. monster beats pro cheap SenHaiSaiEr goods such as microphone, high fidelity wireless technology items and headphones, and DuoFang phone technology, information science, infrared technique, designed for hearing people with disabilities to supply products and services for the aviation aerospace earphones, and so on.

Furthermore, the SenHaiSaiEr group membership and Berlin studio with microphones for product characteristics, Georg Neumann enterprise K H sales and improvement business (megaphone and the studio monitors) and is located inside the Joint Venture Danish Sennheiser communications company, the firm mainly investigation and improvement for individual computers, office and contact center with the headphones. SenHaiSaiEr may be the European style earplugs, the representative in the headphones, the voice thick and don't break insipid style incline to atmosphere. Using the superb sound high quality has normally been popular, in recent years progressively, the concentrate on item fashion, more interest to industrial style and item look. SenHaiSaiEr has a total earplugs, headset product line, in China, to MX series earplugs and PX series portable headset most people know. At present, numerous of the SenHaiSaiEr ZhongDiDuan earplugs, headset products are created by abundant of organization also design production, but these products nevertheless retain SenHaiSaiEr constant rigorous style. The product is mainly SenHaiSaiEr earplugs MX series, and wearing headphones for item is like HD series, PX series, pretty full item line. cheap studio beats dr dre

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