Price is always the obstacle for the popularization

by:Getian     2020-07-20

The package cost takes fifty percent of the price, which is too high; therefore, manufacturers should choose the more suitable package. The current package of Cree, Lumileds, and OSRAM does not fit the demand of design, and the cost is high. The brave innovation is the way out for the design. Most manufacturers are used to copy the package of large companies, and do not have the confidence for the innovation by themselves. COB is the mainstream of the light design, which is according to the demand of optics. The COB has reduced the cost of second optical design, so the cost of package takes twenty to thirty percent of the price.

The other cost from the package, heat radiation, structure and power source. Reducing the price of LED chip can not help so much. The economic structure is the most important. The design takes twenty percent of the price, which is comparatively high. With the development of technology, it will reduce to ten percent. The heat radiation is very simple; designers should grasp two main directions: one is the way of heat radiation should be short; second is the heat radiating resistance. The structural design is a weak chain of the LED light, which limits the development of this industry; therefore, it needs to be improved. The related integrated circuit is TA2003P.

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