One, the current situation of standard of LED

by:Getian     2020-08-06

LED energy-saving lamp serves as a kind of new-style product, at present standard of active safety of North America product was not aimed at the technical requirement of this kind of product technically, the test of LED product makes a task of industry. American UL lab is aimed at at present this is planted trade situation, writing LED in the organization UL8750 of standard for attestation of energy-saving lamp safety, this standard still is drafted at present, not be be used formally to be an attestation standard. Consequently, the attestation of LED energy-saving lamp checks a problem, did not get me settlements thoroughly temporarily.

The elemental of LED energy-saving lamp is to pass the module of the switch power source to change alternating current source direct current. Work to glow diode with a power supply. According to the fundamental of LED energy-saving lamp and structural characteristic, what American MET lab puts forward a kind to show level is transitional detect plan: Use UL1993 of standard for attestation of the United States of traditional and energy-saving lamp (CAN/CSA-C22.2No.0 of the corresponding Canadian standard, CAN/CSA-C22.2No.74), with UL1310 of standard of power source module or UL1012 (CAN/CSA-C22.2No.107 of corresponding Canadian Standard) energy-saving to LED lamp undertakes checking attestation.

2, the technical point in detecting

Mix in basic UL1993, UL1310 under UL1012 standard, attestation of energy-saving to LED lamp checks medium crucial question, do a little elaborate.

1, material

LED energy-saving lamp but make it all sorts of appearance, with solar tube LED energy-saving lamp is example, its appearance is in charge of in common fluorescent lamp same, by solar tube shape transparent polymer crust wraps power source module and flame diode inside. Transparent polymer crust rises to be mixed to fire prevention in the product prevent the function that gets an electric shock. According to standard requirement, material of energy-saving lamp crust must achieve V-1 grade above, because this transparent polymer crust must use the data of V-1 grade above. The place that wants an attention is, product crust should reach the V-1 order and degree of a requirement, its ply must want to be more than the ply that the V-1 grade place that is equal to raw material asks, fire prevention grade and ply requirement are OK check on the UL Huang Ka of raw material.

is actual the discovery in detecting, manufacturer to assure the brightness of LED lamp, often make transparent polymer case very thin, this detects with respect to need the ply that the engineer notices to make sure material achieves place of fire prevention grade to ask. Because different, raw material has diverse ply demand to the uniform fire prevention order and degree, certain raw material can satisfy demand for higher fire prevention grade below lesser ply, can suggest manufacturer can choose proper raw material to make a product case.

2, drop test

presses product standard demand, the product wants what in using a process actually, imitate may happen to decline case is made decline test, the product should drop to hard board from 0.91 meters tall height, product crust cannot the danger that burst down to shows interior is electrified. When manufacturer chooses material to make a product case, must want to considerable demand for this one strength

The 3, intensity that fight report

transparent crust surrounds power source module interiorly. Transparent crust material must want to achieve demand of strength that fights report. Press standard demand, be based on North America voltage the condition of 120 bend over, internal high tension is electrified with crust (clothe tinsel has a test) , want those who communicate 1240 bend over to be able to bear the intensity that fight report checks. Usually, product crust ply achieves 0.8 millimeter left and right sides, can accord this to fight electric intensity to test a requirement.

Module of 4, power source

Module of power source is the main component of LED energy-saving lamp. Power source module basically uses technology of switching power source. Differ by type of power source module, can consider to undertake checking attestation with separate level. If power source module is ClassII power source, this can check attestation with UL1310. Place power source is to point to use segregation transformer, output voltage is low at shedding 60 bend over continuously, electric current is less than 150/Vmax ampere power source.

and to be not ClassII power source, use UL1012 to check attestation. The procedural requirement of these two standards is very similar, can consult each other. The module of inner power source of most LED lamp is to use a power source of couplet of blame segregation type, power source outputs volts d.c. to also be more than 60 bend over, because of the standard of this not applicable UL1310, and applicable UL1012

5, insulation asks

because space of interior of LED energy-saving lamp is limited, when the structure is designed, should notice danger is electrified with can touch metal the insulation requirement between. Insulation can be a space to be apart from and climb report to be apart from, also can be insulation piece. Press standard demand, dangerous and electrified with can touch metal the distance should obtain a space 3.2 millimeter, distance climbing report should achieve 6.4 millimeter. If the distance is insufficient, can add insulation piece as additional insulation, insulation piece ply should be more than 0.71 millimeter, if play is less than 0.71 millimeter, the product wants can bear the high pressure of 5000V checks.

6, temperature rise checks

temperature rise checks a by product safety test to make an item surely, the standard has a particular temperature rise to restrict to a unique element. In products plan phase, manufacturer wants what take a product seriously dreadfully to come loose hot issue, be opposite especially certain component (if be isolated from piece etc) should be special attention.

If component is long-term work below the high temperature condition, easy attaint, cause thereby it is risky to catch fire or get an electric shock. The power source module of Interior of lamps and lanterns is in close in a narrow space. Medicinal powder heat is restricted. Accordingly, when manufacturer undertakes component chooses, want to notice to choose the norms of appropriate component, make sure component spends next jobs in certain abundant, prevent cell thereby be close to loaded to capacity condition for a long time to come off work is made and produce overheat.

7, structure

The power source module of LED energy-saving lamp installs outer casing interior, the space is limited, some manufacturer to save a space, solder the component surface of the type that insert a foot to go up in PCB, this kind of method can be not accepted. The component is of the type that insert a foot that these surfaces solder falls off probably as a result of reasoning such as empty solder, create risk. Because these this pair of component should be adopted as far as possible, insert aperture to solder means. If adopt the surface of solder act against one's will means, should use this component to add glue to secure wait for means to provide add safeguard.

8, breakdown checks

Best of product breakdown is the project of decisive a test in product certification test. This test project is the short circuit on online road or opens a way a few components, utilize the happens possibly breakdown in the process actually at imitation, evaluate the security that the product issues in onefold breakdown condition thereby. To satisfy this one safe requirement, when products plan, want to consider the input end to add appropriate fuse in the product, stimulating current has happened in order to prevent output to cause a fire hazard thereby when a short circuit or in-house component breakdown.

3, factory examination

Product certification of North America wants factory examination. Factory examination includes first factory examination and follow-up dog examination. If the factory is product certification of North America for the first time application, should undertake major factory examination. Initially the character guarantee system that factory examination basically is aimed at a factory, requirement factory has perfect character guarantee system to assume in order to ensure the character of the product gets effective superintendency is mixed. If the factory already pressed ISO9000 standard to build a quality management system, passed ISO9000 attestation, basically can accord with leading the administrative system requirement that the factory examines.

if the factory did not pass ISO9000 attestation, should purchase in raw material, supplied materials examination, inventory management, products plan, project is changed, calibration of product line test, instrument and the program document that complain the respect such as follow-up to have clarity, carry out effectively. Sequel dogs the examination is the respect such as the structural examination that basically is aimed at a product and test of product line product, in order to guarantee the product construction that product line produces and attestation sample are consistent, check through relevant product line. Manufacturer passes a test in the product after attestation, the structure that must press attestation sample strictly and component detailed list undertake the product is produced, any likelihoods involve a product to be changed safely must inform attestation the organization undertakes assessment. If be necessary, the likelihood should undertake weighing the modification of test and report. The product line of the product of the test is to have clear demand in the test report of the product, manufacturer must have relevant test according to the requirement, if high-pressured test, ground connection is successional, check etc.

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