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by:Getian     2020-07-24

The flourish for the development of LED

Being a great potential light source, LED gets more and more people's attentions now. As for the reasons of this trend, its functions, durable for use, firm structure, low power consumption as well as flexible dimensions, count a lot. In our daily life, white light is the most common light source. Therefore, lots of manufacturers are focusing their attentions on it.

Compared with five years ago, LED penetrates into lighting applications sphere even. Meanwhile, driven by the rapid development of semiconductor core devices and related core support technologies, white light LED's chip develop well at the same time. LED has gotten great breakthrough in lots of aspects, such as, its light effect, color rendering, color temperature and a single LED's power as well as LED module. The prospect for the replacement of the traditional lights by white light LED is obvious today.

Moreover, technological progress is the fundamental driving force for this replacement. During a seminar, according to Geert V.d.Meer, senior director of Philips, in 2015, LED will reach 150 lumens per watt, which will surpass gas discharge lamp. The replacement trend is irreversible.

However, LED's lighting principles, circuit together with control sections are quite different with the traditional lighting sources'. Out of the complexity of LED system, comparing with filament lamp and energy-saving lamp systems, the popularity of white light LED is facing unprecedented difficulties. Behind the replacement, 'simplifying' means that the developers should pay lots of efforts in systems' integrated and unique aspects.

The future development of the LED market may learn a lot from today's computer hardware industry. Ten years ago, many manufacturers had chosen to produce all needed components by themselves, from mainboard, memory to the whole computer. While, today, the result for specialization is that manufacturers who emphasize segmentation are reducing greatly, which further leads to the giant leap for the whole market scale and technology also. Perhaps, the future for LED industry will develop in the same way.

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