Not a whole lot of recent adventure cube Q, but

by:Getian     2020-08-03

First of all, there is a project, I have been working a Porsche 928. This is like a rotary encoder systems and climate control LED tons! Yes, is not it?

Q I own adventure cubic board. These are strictly pre-production testing of all board and how it will work. Again, I am sorry the terrible camera work.

First, the rotary encoder board. This board is a simple knob, do not stop turning, and the next button. There are two connectors: one for rotation (with 2 inputs), and a button (using 1). This is just a rotary encoder board long, long time ago I released version look better.There's Bluetooth board. I also have an early version of this, it works very well slums. I was very impressed with how simple the interface device, usually a very complicated!

Next to the infrared receiver. I have not actually tested this board yet, but there are adventures Q cubic code to handle the infrared remote control (RC5-only). I do not know if it will actually work, but one day I will get it to go!Last but not least, here's an LCD panel of the backpack. I soldered on the wrong side of the connector (I always try to do that ...), but regardless of its prototype. Unfortunately, not very interested in the LCM , so I never work through the I2C display module , LCD liquid crystal display on the cheap because of some bad agreement. I bought my last time to buy some test code though so I will work in the final ...

This is the end of the day. As the project work and Porsche, I do not have time to write a lot of it may soon not have any time to update the code for the cubic ton of adventure Q or design modules. This is what happens when you tend to delay

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