new itunes movie and tv app available in australia this year

by:Getian     2020-08-08
Samsung Smart TV, which has partnered with iTunes, has been revealed at CES in Las Vegas.
Photo source: Samsung announced changes in its industry
This wall will provide unprecedented image quality and allow users to change the screen size according to their own needs.
At last year\'s CES, Samsung launched a micro LED and a floorto-
The ceiling display, which features a Samsung micro LED display tile, is connected by dozens of small module segments to form a huge screen.
2019 technology: Samsung giant 146-
At Samsung\'s first appearance at the global technology show Consumer Electronics Show this year, the technology giant launched a smaller, more home-based product --friendly 75” (190. 5cm)
Version of the wall.
Original product, available from mid term
2018 is a huge 146 \"(370. 84cm).
While version 146 \"is more suitable for commercial customers, they may use cutting
In the edge technology of the building Hall, the 75 \"version is more suitable for home theater enthusiasts looking for excellent image quality and versatility.
\"Thanks to the modular nature of the micro LED, this technology provides flexibility in screen size, allowing users to customize it to fit any room or space.
\"By adding micro LED modules, users can extend the display to whatever size they want,\" Samsung said in a statement . \".
Samsung announced an update to the wall.
You can customize the size and the TV with unprecedented quality. CES pic. twitter.
\"These transformative TV displays are made up of independent self-modules.
LEDs with millions of inorganic red, green and blue micro LED chips that emit their own light and produce bright colors on the screen
Delivers unmatched image quality beyond any display technology on the current market.
\"Often, panels are created from a piece of paper, which is one of the reasons why they tend to adopt a standard set of dimensions.
Pricing has not yet been announced, but Jonghee Han, president of Samsung\'s visual display business, said it will be more affordable than you think. A roll-
The latest product in Australia has not yet been decided, and Samsung Australia said it \"is currently evaluating when to launch the product locally.
\"Prior to the CES 2019 technology show, the participants arrived at the monorail station at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
Image: Robyn Beck/AFPSource: afpsamaster, who works with APPLESamsung, also revealed that it will work with Apple to provide iTunes movies and
The industry may launch a new iTunes movie and TV show app
The first app in Australia later this year (
Date has not been determined)
Allows you to access your existing iTunes library and make a purchase.
The app will be available on Samsung\'s 2019 TVs and 2018 TVs (
After firmware update).
This is the first time Apple has allowed a third time.
Party devices that access their video library outside of Windows pc.
ITunes, in partnership with Samsung smart TV products, launched an app that will be launched in Australia later this year.
Image: Lightrocket/Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images Apple\'s move is a major shift in its strategy to allow iTunes to be released on rival products, and shows that it is focusing more on service revenue.
Samsung will also include the Apple wireless streaming standard AirPlay2, which means you can access your favorite content from Apple products in more than 190 countries around the world.
\"We are looking forward to bringing the iTunes and AirPlay 2 experience to more customers around the world through Samsung smart TV, so iPhone, there is another way for iPad and Mac users to enjoy their favorite content on the biggest screen at home, \"said Eddy Cue, senior vice president of Apple\'s internet software and services.
Samsung Smart TV and iTunes have a partnership intention of 2019.
Image: Supplier Source: supplier-
Jin Li, executive vice president of Samsung\'s visual display business, said the partnership with Apple aims to provide a wide range of content for Samsung users.
\"We are proud to work with top industry leaders to deliver the widest range of content services to our smart TV platform,\" he said, \"bringing more content, offering value and open platform functionality to Samsung TV owners and Apple customers through iTunes and AirPlay is ideal for everyone.
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