Need to mod your Nintendo Wii video games console?-

by:Getian     2020-07-18

Multi Media Library - Watch avi/divx/xvid files via your Wii by utilising the feature rich MultiMedia centerIt does not end there, there are hundered's of homebrew apps you can set up with the Wii soft chip!Chip vs Nintendo Wii Soft ChipThe Wii soft chip beats the chip handily in every aspect and does not have any of the issues and drawbacks a mod chip creates. This is why-* It can be purchased for less than $29* The Nintendo Wii soft chip does not need soldering* You can install the softchip on your own in no more than 15 minutes* It allows your warrantee intact with NintendoNintendo Wii Soft Chip Buying GuideAs with modchips, there are several soft chips that you can purchase. The only thing that is different between each of the soft chips, is the level of customer help/support and the fitting instructions.

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