Light-Emitting-Diodes are small bulbs but unlike

by:Getian     2020-08-01

LEDs are mainly used for their light. There are many different types of LEDs since they come in different sizes. Other than size, they also come in different colors. LEDs are available in Red, Green and Blue color. These three are primary colors and their lights can be mixed to create other colors as well. Many LEDs use these three colors altogether to get white light.

LEDs are lit together after they are attached to a panel of certain shape. There are various shapes of LED panels and hence their functions vary as well. There are many popular types of LED lights such as LED Modules, LED Florescent Tubes, LED Bars and LED Flex.

LED Modules are usually round in shape and can fit into the sockets of the bulbs. They contain a round panel which is held by aluminum metal because it is reflective and cheap. There can be about a hundred LEDs in an LED Module. Modules are used in car lights and traffic signals as well.

LED Florescent tubes are exactly what their name implies. They are a hybrid between Florescent Tubes and LED lights. LED Florescent Tubes are apparently just like florescent tubes but contain a narrow but long panel containing more than a hundred LEDs. They are preferred over florescent tubes because they give a quicker response and are environmentally safe where as florescent tube lights contain vapors of mercury and poisonous phosphates which can be harmful for the environment.

LED Bars are thin panels which contain very small LEDs. These panels are flexible and usually come with one adhesive side as well. LED Bars are used mainly for decorative purposes in the clubs and homes as they emit lesser amount of light, therefore it can easily be used to highlight a certain area or a corner.

Led Flex is thin a tube which contain LEDs, when lit, they look very much like Neon Lights. LED Flex are preferred because they are flexible and withstand a lot of pressure therefore they can be bent to make different signs and shapes. People use them to decorate their pool as well since they are waterproof. LED Flex is also embedded in the ground and work as signaling device at places like the airports.

LED light sources are very helpful for people on a budget as they don't need to be replaced very often due to their ability to stay lit for 50,000 hours. They also take in lesser amount of electric energy hence they are easier on the pocket.

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