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by:Getian     2020-07-26

For example, most light bars LED equipment, whether they are full-fledged 72 inch light bars, mini bars, grille lights or dash lights come with LED modules whose design parameters include the number of arrays of LEDs and their size. LEDs are available in multiple sizes with varying wattage, although Generation III and IV, 5mm LEDs are most commonly used. These LEDs are always low on power consumption and exceptionally high on luminosity which makes them a favourite as far as usage in emergency lighting is concerned. Besides, the LEDs do not dissipate a high amount of heat which has two distinct advantages. The energy consumption and wastage is substantially reduced. It becomes safer to use those LEDs for prolonged hours even in bad weather conditions like snow fall or in rain.

Either clear tube, UV resistant transparent dome with smooth exterior or wide angle coloured casings are used to encapsulate the light bars LED. A sealed base mostly of polycarbonate is used in order to make sure that the functioning of LEDs is not affected by moisture from outside or even excessive vibration on a speeding vehicle. There are specific light bars for external and internal usage. The light bars either come with built in flash patterns or an external flasher that provides plenty of options in terms of the different flashing sequences or patterns that you can generate in the light bars. Light bars prove to be of great use to a variety of vehicles including mail trucks, tow trucks, plow trucks, service vehicles, fire engines and heavy equipment carriers.

Light bars LED equipment, irrespective of its size and shape is tried and tested under a variety of rigorous conditions to actually make sure that they would last in different situations. Similarly, the LEDs come with sophisticated control panels with switches for extensive control over various functionalities. You could operate the LEDs for example, in three different modes, high, low and cruise control. You can also choose between steady burn and flashing modes. There is a choice available between wide angle and narrow angle beams with varying intensity and beam temperature. Water sealed, weather resistant units can also handle heavy duty usage, not to mention the extended hassle free warranty which is usually available for emergency lighting equipment purchased from professional manufacturers with high quality standards.

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