LED tubes are basically light emitting diode which

by:Getian     2020-07-26

Nowadays due to further developments on this product various versions are now present throughout the market and omit visible, infrared and ultra violet lights at different wavelengths that are much brighter. LED tubes are used in many applications of diverse natures such as automotive lighting for its headlights, brake lamps, the indicators and are also used in traffic signals. LED tubes are used in electronic devices all around us. Due to LED's compact size, reliability, ease of switching and bandwidth LED's allows us to text on our mobile phones, and develop new video screen and sensor oriented touch systems. They are used in DVD players, iPods and other all sorts of household appliances.

Use of LED tubes has many advantages over the previous sources of energy that were used. They are smaller in size, use less power and give more light and energy; they have a longer life span and guarantee, and have increased robustness and strength. Moreover they have fast switching speed and greater durability and reliability when compared to the rest of energy sources present. The first commercial use of LED tubes was in the place of neon indicators in cars and large displays used for advertising. They were very expensive at that time and were also used in laboratory and hospital equipments, but as the technology became old, its price decreased and its availability increased. Hence now LED tubes are used in common household appliances and electronic devices that are readily used by many consumers.

LED tubes are even used in radios, calculators, telephones, watches and what not. Wherever, there is a screen that needs to be lit up, you can count on LED tubes to be present inside of it. Conventional LED tubes come in different color, wave lengths and voltages which give manufacturers a lot to experiment with.

They come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, purple and ultraviolet. You will see that these include perhaps all the colors present on the spectrum. The basic primary colors are also present there which allows almost all colors to be present when it comes to LED tubes. There are different types of LEDs present in the market, from which you can choose. The main types are miniature, mid range, high power devices and custom designs such as multi color LEDs and alphanumeric LEDs. Each one has different voltages, wavelengths and can be used in all sorts of devices and appliances.

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