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by:Getian     2020-08-07
Let me show you the best led strip tailgate light and hope you can agree with me when I say: no good tailgate light strip, truck fanatics are impossible today. . .
The only problem is.
It is not an easy job to find a \"good\" tailgate light strip.
That\'s why I listed the best tailgate light bars.
After searching online and spending a few days testing these LED light bars from Amazon, I will recommend some tailgate light bars that are now worth buying.
Due to the size of the smd led chip, we named it 3528,2835, 5050.
Some products are brighter than others, and some products are brighter every Watt.
You can choose the chip according to the purpose-case.
For more information, please read below.
Tailgate lamp strips can be made with various LED chips.
The numbers you see, like 3528 and 5050, refer to the size of the chip.
Watch the picture blow.
Because the size of the chip is 5, the smd led chip is called SMD 5050. 0mm x 5. 0mm.
It has 3 LED diodes in one housing (
Sometimes called three. chips)
Brighter than a single 3528 LED chip.
While their smaller chips generate more heat, it is still much lower than other lighting options.
These types of LEDs require a thicker PCB to take the heat away from the chip.
But the reason why the B SMD LED chip is called 2835 is because the size of the chip is 2. 8mm x 3.
5mm, while the c smd led chip is 3528.
There has been considerable confusion about the rating system for reinforced truck accessories.
If aunit is described as compliant, this will help to decide which truck accessories to purchase based on the user\'s needs.
This is just a short summary.
If you are interested in other professional certificates, please check out other sources. IP Ratings: (
Entrance protection or international protection)-
The inlet protection grade system is a classification system that shows the degree of protection for solids and liquids.
The first number is the protection of the pointer against solid objects, usually dust associated with the test pocket computer.
Protection is not provided if the first number is 0.
The number 5 refers to the limited protection of dust.
The number 6 is to prevent dust.
The second number of the IP level system refers to the prevention of liquids.
\"0\" means that there is no protection, while 7 means preventing immersion between 15 centimeters and 1 meter.
The protection instructions are given in the two tables below.
First number of IP-
Protection of solid objects 0, no special protection 1, protection against accidental touch of hand 2, protection of objects such as fingers, protection of tools and wires4, limited protection for tools, dust6, prevent dustIP second number-
Protection for liquids0, no protection 1, prevent vertical drop condensation 2, prevent direct spraying of water up to 15 degrees from vert.
3, prevent direct spraying of water up to 60 degrees from vert.
4. Water spray prevention in all directions.
Allow limited water to enter 5 to prevent low pressure water injection in all directions.
In addition to the ship decks7, the limited water intake of 6 is allowed to be almost the same as 5 to prevent the effect of water immersion between 15 cm and 1 m to depth. Rated power of most tailgate light strips
They are free from dust and are able to withstand water immersion between 15 cm and 1 m for 30 minutes.
The LED lighting system is actually the preferred lighting option in a cold environment (
To about 20 degrees).
They work well with internal and external fixtures.
Unlike CFLs, there is no problem with the LED light starting at a temperature of about 20 degrees.
Also, since the LED lights do not contain glass parts, they are more able to withstand extreme sudden temperature changes.
They are durable and ideal for outdoor applications.
However, there is a question, why is my tailgate light strip not working well at low temperatures?
Especially on snowy days.
The reason is PCB (
Printed circuit board)
In order to reduce the cost of products, many manufacturers will choose the PCB which is cheaper as the driving circuit.
Therefore, when the tailgate light strip works at low temperature, the resistance value in the PCB rises rapidly, which is why the led brightness is lower than usual.
Drivepipe has good protection in shipping.
When you are driving in a harsh environment, it also protects SMD led ships and faulty PCB.
However, with the thick belt tube, the light belt will become very heavy.
One more drawback: since drivepipe is fully sealed, it is difficult to clear the interior.
Although the glue can be easy and light.
In my opinion, glue is suitable for DIY enthusiasts as it can be cut and welded according to your needs.
But the glue is too thin to protect SMD les strips during transportation.
Well, that\'s all the explanation for these parameters in the table.
Now let me show you these 4 tailgate light strips, all of which have the following functions: taillights: turn left signal after all red led lights up: turn right signal after left led lights up: right LEDs light up brakes: all red LEDs turn back on: all white LEDs light up the left turn signal: However, each brand has its advantage, let me show you one by one. This (
Led tailgate)
Using a 3528 chip, 3 M tape is attached to the tailgate of the truck. However the GD-
If you live in Minnesota and the lighting doesn\'t work at low temperatures, this tailgate light strip doesn\'t work properly in winter.
By the way, the Amazon store sells only two products.
I think you might get a quick reply if you have any questions. Shop GD-
As a famous local car retailer, they also sell tailgate light bars at Amazon.
However, it seems that ijdmtoy is not performing well in this product.
Let\'s take a look at Amazon\'s comments.
There are 43% 5 star reviews, but 1 stat review reaches 36%.
More importantly, I have read the 1 star reviewer\'s comments and most of them complain about the bad quality of the tailgate light strip (life time 0. 5-3 months)
For the star reviewers who shocked me, IJDMTOY did not give any reply.
For the above reasons, although IJDMTOY is a well-known brand, I do not recommend its tailgate light strip to you.
IJDMTOYPartsam store, one of Amazon\'s truck accessories vendors.
Starting from 2012, in order to provide better transportation services, we have built 2 warehouses in CA and MS in addition to FBA.
If you pay attention to them, you will notice that we are constantly developing and launching new products with high quality and affordable price.
Now let me introduce Partsam\'s tailgate light bar.
Equipped with a 3528 SMD led light strip, we chose the best PCB for the drive circuit and worked effectively even in the case of minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit! The best part. . .
No drilling required!
Just prepare, Peel, press your pickup and this add-on
On is as good as factory installation.
With a tough-as-
Nail adhesive booster.
No need to drill.
Plug the plug-and-play plug directly into the trailer adapter for quick installation.
The tailgate light strip of Shop partsamopt7 is very good, 5050 SMD led ship, with a dust-proof waterproof rating of IP67.
It can be said that all parameters are top-level.
But do you really think we have to use all the primeum devices for each parameter and specification?
In my opinion, if you are an avid DIY card car fan pursuing perfection, then I think the opt7 tailgate light strip is really a good choice for you.
But if you want it to be just a tailgate light strip, I guess the price is $59.
99 make this choice not so good.
Considering how the market for tailgate light bars is saturated, please choose opt7.
The list is crafted to keep in mind the needs of customers and how much they are willing to spend on tailgate light bars.
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