led strip light buying guide

by:Getian     2020-08-07
The LED strip type 3528 digital 35 28 indicates that the included LED chip size is 3. 5mm*2. 8mm.
The 3528 LED emergency light has a lower brightness and is therefore suitable for producing ambient light.
The size of the 5050 5050 5mm LED chip is 5mm.
The brightness of 3528 bar lighting is very different from that of 5050, because the LED on 5050 bar lighting is almost twice the size.
The number of LED chips per meter all biard 12v LED LEDs have 60 LEDs per meter, 3528 or 5050, which means that 5 m reet will contain a total of 300 LEDs.
All biard LED strip lighting is sold for 5 m.
Generally speaking, the larger the number, the brighter the light produced by the stripes.
There are two color designs in total.
The most basic LED emergency light is called \"non-addressing light\" and the other type is called \"non-addressing light\"
Addressable rgb \'.
LED with a single solid color is not
Address: LED light bar.
They are cheap to buy and easy to install.
This LED light strip is ideal for some simple key lighting in the kitchen or bathroom.
\"Unaddressable\" LED light strips can output any red, blue or green compared to \"unaddressed\", but these lights are usually a little more expensive and require a controller.
The color temperature of the color temperature is very different from the color of the LED light. .
The short version is warm color temperature (
About 2700 to 3500 k)
More suitable for living room, bedroom;
When the color temperature is low (4000k -6500k)
More suitable for cleaner lightingg.
Kitchen, hallway or bathroom.
Wattage power consumption may be the primary reason why we are starting to turn to led as a society.
Wattage tells us how much electricity we consume when these lights are on and, in turn, how much we have to pay at the end of each month.
Again, be sure to verify the power per foot, meter or reel before you buy.
One of the first things that the voltage has to figure out is whether you need a 12 volt or 24 volt emergency light.
It really depends on the size of the place where you will be using the strip lights.
The 12 volt emergency lamp is usually used for shorter operation, while the 24 volt emergency lamp is more suitable for longer operation.
The reason is that the higher voltage strip lamp can maintain a longer running time without a voltage drop becoming a problem.
Basically, the further away your light is from the power supply, the lower the voltage, which may cause the LEDs at the end of the strip to look darker than the LEDs near the front.
To avoid a voltage drop, observe the maximum operation of the LED emergency light, which should be specified on your lamp packaging or data sheet.
What you need to drive integral 12v LED light strip can work at a constant voltage of 12v DC
Voltage power supply called Drive.
The drive is sold separately and has different wattage outputs. LED drivers (
Also called power adapter)
Convert the input voltage and current supply to the quantity required to operate the emergency light.
For example, it converts the home 220 v AC current on the socket to the 12v DC voltage required to run the emergency light.
For conventional 12v lighting, a transformer is often referred to as a power supply.
For 12v LED lighting, we refer to the power supply as an LED driver in this guide, but these are essentially the same.
LED Strip lamp controller is used with rgb led strip lamp, usually placed between power supply and strip lamp to control its color, it will also control the different mode and speed of the Bar Light, for example, fading, strobography and flash.
It can also change the brightness of the Bar light and turn the Bar light on and off.
There are two main types of LED strip light controllers, representing IR and RF for inference and RF, respectively.
The IR controller only works within a short distance and works by sending an inferred red signal to the controller, just like the TV remote.
Since the signal is inferred to be red, the remote control must be able to see the controller to work, so it will not work if there is an obstacle between the controller and the remote control.
Dimmer singer color stripe lighting, such as cold white or warm white lighting, does not use the controller, so the dimming function must be done by the online dimmer, which is usually connected between the power supply and the emergency light, you can also control the on/off function of the emergency light.
The LED amplifier places the LED amplifier in a longer strip length;
When a bar Light of 10 or 20 m is connected together, the power decreases when it passes through the bar light.
Therefore, the light becomes darker and when connected online and powered to the amplifier, the amplifier will increase the wattage to keep the lamp consistent.
The amplifier will also enhance the RF signal of the remote control, which means that no matter how long the emergency light is, just press the remote control and all the lights will change color together.
Cables and connectors because each application of strip lights is different. There must be a wide variety of connectors available here, which can be purchased from connectors for LED strip lamps to bring the corners light to the cable at the extension and the direct strip light to the strip light connector.
The type of connector required will depend on the application of the Bar Light.
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