LED full color led display industry in China in

by:Getian     2020-08-07

A level of overall development, industrial-scale

LED full color LED Flood Light Supplier display industry in China's primary products, not only in absolute market share on the Mainland, and also take a certain amount of share in the global market, forming a stable export. Product quality and reliability has been significantly improving overall, LED display companies in major projects on the Mainland and in the construction of key projects, and compete in the international market, large display systems engineering to undertake the implementation of significantly higher.

Second, industry technology progress obviously, innovation on the development of science and technology has played a positive role in leading and promoting the

LED display industry overall technical level with international developments, create new products come out constantly in recent two years, technical innovation active in the industry, technical product development capability has been continuously strengthened. Meet the special needs of technology development, technical support and technical assurance is enhanced, with a focus on more mature technology and product development.

Industrial development in the upper third, LED display industry to promote the development of significantly

Realize benign interaction between the flexible led strip lighting industry chain downstream, popularization and application of new products and new technologies quickly, based on material, driver IC, LED chip control technology development, many enterprises in the industry LED general lighting, lighting applications, semiconductor lighting engineering form the basis of a certain technology and production engineering. In traditional LED large screen display technology and products on the basis of LED display products in the industry market share increase year by year.

Four, in the adjustment of industrial structure in continuous improvement and rationalization

Specialized division of labor increasingly within the industry, application of LED display prototype formed the industrial chain of the product, laying a good foundation for escalating industrial. In competition at the same time, specialized production, technology development, engineering services and link the Division reflected in the industry, market segment and highlight the core competitive power, many new focus

Five characteristics of standardized, intensive, industrial development was

LED display industry association has been actively promoting the technical exchange and product standardization, by means of technical product standards, product testing, effectively promoting the standardization of technology product development. Promotion of standardization, standardization has led industrialization level, reflected the accumulated effect of industrial layout, set a larger-scale enterprises in Shenzhen. LED display industry in China in the development process in recent years important characteristic is the size of a notable increase in the number of enterprises, diminishing number of medium-size enterprises, have also increased the number of small enterprises. Industry in General, by the previous 'olive' 'dumbbell-shaped' changes.

Six major activities on the industrial development of driving results

In the industrial growth of the 2008, 2009, Beijing Olympic Games, the 60 anniversary of national day celebrations, the Shanghai World Expo, and other major activities of pull factors should not be overlooked. In this regard, to have rational knowledge on the one hand, on the other hand you want to take advantage of this to, seriously sum up experiences, actively promoting the technical innovation, develop new markets, in order to maintain the sustainable development of industry.

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