led flood light repair | replacing led chip and driver

by:Getian     2020-08-08
Hello all!
I use the LED chip and the LED flood light that the driver is broken.
I changed the LED chip and drive to a new one.
Below is a AliExpress link where you can purchase a replacement part.
LED chip and driver
Unscrew the screw and turn on the LED light.
You will see an led chip and drive.
Maybe you will see black spots or other damage on the led chip or drive.
If not, then you can measure the voltage of the drive.
If the voltage is 20-
With 40v on this type of floodlight, then that\'s OK, you need to replace the led chip.
If there is no voltage then you have to replace the drive.
You can add about 35 v to the led chip to see if it works.
You can see from the video how I replaced the led chip and drive.
Screw things back together
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