Lack of core technology of the industry, you can

by:Getian     2020-07-18

The author of an air conditioning business impressed with a slogan: Chinese people to the world, can not rely on style and no substance, only the master core, shot can win ... ...

Throughout the 2010 financial data related businesses: the mainstream of Chinese color TV enterprises TCL Group revenue 51.87 billion yuan, net profit of 433 million, of which, TCL mobile phone business a profit of 611 million revenue, TCL loss of 857 million multimedia services; Sichuan Changhong realized Total operating income 41.712 billion yuan, an increase of 32.6%, total profits 671 million yuan, representing a decrease of 2.38% over the previous year, net profit of 477 million, representing a decrease of 11.48% over the previous year; Konka Group operating revenue 17.84 billion yuan, up 34.5% growth in net profit 82.03 million yuan, down 45.7% ... ... It is obvious that the mainstream TV companies to show a basic trend: the increase in the overall premise of revenue, profit decline in the level of agreement have emerged, that TV companies in the overall decline in overall profit margins.

Why does this happen? A very important reason is: the core technology to blame.

As we all know the current flat-panel LCD television has become the market mainstream products, and the current color TV enterprises accounted for the cost of the procurement panel TV over 60% of the overall cost, combined with other key components such as graphics chips, smart chips, and even the operating system software , TV companies need to account for the cost of purchased components about 80% of the total cost, but at present the industry chain of critical components and technologies are basically controlled by Japan, South Korea, the United States and other enterprises in the hands, which means that the core technology The absence of color TV enterprises led to the current about 80% or more of the profits, should master the core technology into the hands of foreign companies.

Loss of profits, it is only one aspect of the problem, more important, if not the core technology, the Chinese color TV enterprises in the face of technology and market trend, the more the state can only do follow the trend, passive followers to do the international giants, Over time, the damage will be the entire industry. So, if there is no core technology, not only hurt the enterprise itself can not afford the entire Chinese color TV industry can not afford more injuries.

I may ask where?

First of all, from the national level, the policy support and policy guidance is the key benefit: Twenty years ago, China's color TV industry in the early stage of development, the Government through direct investment or bank loans issued in the form of investment over ten billion U.S. dollars, to create a complete coverage of the CRT downstream industry chain, and laid the foundation of color TV industry. Similarly, in the face of the new time of industrial upgrading, the relevant state departments to guide the early stage of industrialization, the development of support is still indispensable. Benefits of government policy guidance and support in all aspects is to ensure that the importance of the industry to ensure sustainable development.

Secondly, from the perspective of their own: to strengthen the control of the chain and layout, and really do a good job in the technology research and development technology accumulation and transformation, while a new generation of technology to do the pre-sentence and pre-development, is the industry to achieve The ultimate breakthrough tool to the industry and market competition, to secure the right to speak.

In this regard, we should see the one hand, although some late, but most of the major vendors have recognized this and put into action: for example, Hisense, Skyworth, TCL, Konka and other domestic color TV giants and the panel technology by adopting all those joint ventures to establish production line of the LCD module, Changhong through direct foreign enterprises and other acquisition-related in various ways and strive to get rid of the upstream industry chain in the core technology constraints. On the other hand once again to remind the relevant enterprise: technology transfer and cooperation is only way to solve the problem of the moment, only the truly internalized and accumulated technology, and enhance their ability to innovate, is that I, long-term development of the thoroughfare.

Third, explore their own path of development, but also to the countries and companies can learn from historical experience of success: for example South Korea. Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are currently an important core technology TV owners, but in Korea, not in the hands of early TV-related core technology, also used with the Japanese companies and U.S. corporate joint ventures. However, the late South Korean enterprises are able to develop independent innovation in the technical capabilities, in addition to the joint venture is also strengthening its own internal technical study, the joint venture only as a means of self-learning techniques (and more relevant Chinese enterprises is based on reduce costs and gain market advantage and make money for temporary purposes), as well as vigorously the introduction of outside talent to absorb external knowledge and the Government has given a lot of subsidies and industrial protection, etc ... ... careful study of the history of other countries and successful business experience, not necessarily complete reference or copy, but at least some of detours to domestic enterprises tips and development ideas in China.

In short, the core technology has always been the focus of competition in the industry, but also a key factor in success or failure of competition, Chinese enterprises only have complete control of the core technologies and innovations, some development before they can finally get rid of the kinds of destiny can no longer only a 'choice stand in' rights.

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