Just before the year 2000, incandescent light

by:Getian     2020-07-28

These different LEDs can be placed on different panels which can vary either in shape or sizes. Even though many shapes are possible, there are some which have become very famous among people due to the convenience they offer. Such products are LED Module which are round in shape and are used either in cars or traffic signals; LED Florescent Tubes which are used in indoor and outdoor lighting system; LED Flex which are used as a replacement of neon lights; and LED Bars which are used purely for decorative purpose.

Owing to LED RGB and different sizes, one can find exactly the product as required. All aforementioned products can either be found emitting monochromatic light or they can emit different colors of light at different intervals of time. Different colors lit at the same time can mix and create other beautiful colors too. One can also find the lights which flash at specific intervals.

LED Light sources are preferred over incandescent lights and florescent lights because of many reasons. First reason being; all filament based light sources cannot bear a wider range of shock, may that be electrical or physical, therefore they cannot be used at different rough and tough areas like in cars or outdoors. LED based light sources consume lesser amount of electric power to give out the same amount of light compared to all filament based lights therefore they knock off a significant amount of cash from electricity bills into your pocket. LEDs can provide light for up to 50,000 hours, owing to this fact; one does not need to replace the LED lights as frequently as incandescent and florescent light bulbs. Therefore one does not need to waste cash in buying dozens of bulbs every month. Unlike florescent lights, LED lights do not contain traces of heavy metals such as mercury vapors and phosphates which can prove to be harmful to all living things in the environment therefore LEDs are considered to be Eco-friendly.

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