Japan affected by the earthquake, the development

by:Getian     2020-08-06

It is understood that the Japanese Maki Corporation is an integrated enterprise business involving steel, packaging, advertising and energy, Japan's growing energy shortage, the company has invested hundreds of millions of the newly formed Solar Division, the planned solar led module strings energy project, and selection of partners sights on energy storage technology is relatively mature. AMD has received the order of 500 samples of the solar street lighting business, was officially launched and Japan Maki.

In fact, this is not the first Japanese companies in China looking for cooperation in solar cells as early as two months ago, the production of Japan Tsuruta, chairman of AMD inspection, you want to AMD R & D and production of long life battery the introduction of Japan, the development of photovoltaic lighting industry in Japan after the earthquake.

Affected by the nuclear hazard in Japan after the earthquake, the energy center of gravity has been transferred to the solar industry, Japanese companies are turning to this area, try the first step to seize this big cake of emerging markets. Battery as the core of the solar energy applications, the relationship to the center of gravity of the solar energy development, and thus have a choice of partners for solar energy storage battery.

In recent years, the field of solar energy in China has developed rapidly, especially in the field of solar batteries, there has been many, such as AMD so that the technical advantages of the enterprise. Among them, the AMD through continuous technological innovation, performance and service life of solar energy storage battery improved, and thus favored by Japan and other foreign enterprises. Maki Co., Ltd. in Japan, said AMD in a peer leader in the field of colloid, lithium and other R & D, especially in the field of solar cells, through technical research, solar energy storage battery life to more than seven years in the Chinese market-driven solar illumination of the 'civilian', this strength is very much in line with the requirements of the the Maki companies choose solar energy project partners.

AMD said led module strings that the overall strength of China's solar technology has been greatly improved in recent years, Japanese companies have targeted the main reason for China's. AMD will continue through independent innovation, in the span of the enterprise at the same time, boost industry upgrade.

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